Damage To Hair From Restless Sleeping

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My 9 year old granddaughter lives with me. She is a very restless sleeper. In the morning her bed is all apart.
This has affected her 2a thick hair. On the side that she usually sleeps on her hair is a mess. Its frizzy and has breakage high up. I tried a satin pillowcase but she usually doesn't stay on her pillow.
It is very difficult to make her hair look decent in the morning. The one side is so unruly. The most worrisome is the breakage.
Anyone have this issue with their child/grandchild?


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    I use a spray bottle with water and conditioner and saturate the messy spots and use my fingers to twirl into shape and let air dry. Try maybe a deep conditioner once a week too
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    It is absolutely imperative that you use a satin scrunchie (about $1 at a discount store) and put her hair in a high ponytail at night. It's called a "pineapple" and you can find out more by searching it on youtube. In addition to the pineapple, use a satin bonnet to reduce frizz and tangling. It shouldn't cost more than $5 to get both of these. In the morning, do the water & conditioner method suggested above :smile: Good luck!
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