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i know we all have good hair days and bad hairs. Today started bad - idk if I was too heavy with my gel or what but it was not a good look. So I cowashed and did my b'leave in, some (not as much!) arc angel and a bit of the ouidad vital curl tress effects. The tress effects was a bit of an afterthought so I barely put any in there, maybe a dime sized amount sort of quickly scrunched without even that what's happening here? I want this all over my head! 


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    Your hair looks very pretty! You might want to try the skip curl method: 
    1. Apply a styling product and then finger comb it through your hair to remove all tangles. Choose a small section of the hair to begin, comb it through one last time to be sure it’s 100 percent tangle-free, then begin twisting the hair around your finger from root to end. It’s important to twist in the direction that your curls naturally twist; otherwise, you’ll be working “against the grain,” which can result in frizz and defeat the purpose.
    2. Gently slide your finger out of the twist, hold on to the end, and literally “skip” the hair around a little, sort of like you’re swinging a jump rope. Then, just drop the curl and start on another section. Once you’ve done this to a few sections, you can scrunch those sections together to intensify the curl.
    3. Toss your hair upside down when you're finished, shake and sit back upright. This will help add some volume to your hair. You can then just let your hair air dry – no dryer or diffuser necessary!

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    You are beautiful!
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    Thanks Gretchen! I've noticed when I do twist in the right direction my hair holds a spiral really well -- definitely gonna try this!
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    Your hair is gorgeous.
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    I have fine wavy hair and I've been using the skip curl method to refresh without even realizing it was a thing  :)  It's been working great to add some definition back into my 2nd day (and beyond) hair.  I would definitely recommend trying it!  I prefer to loosen my curls up a bit but they do look a bit ringlet-y before I shake them out.  I usually scrunch them with a bit of mousse for hold.

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