Help! I wanna love my curls..

I have no idea what type of curl I am.
A little background, I'm biracial. So my hair is inconsistent in its curls. On top of that I have natural roots but my hair has been bleached and dyed purple.
I usually wear my hair straight always have since got made fun of for having curly hair.
Would like to learn how to love them now.


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    Don't worry, I use to not like them that much, but I learned to love them by being positive, so, you don't like them, let me tell you this, wash you hair, use a conditioner or oil on your hair to make your curls pop, and, you may not like them, but look yourself in the mirror, and think of one think of one thing you like about your hair, if you still don't feel the love for your curls yet, style it in away you find acceptable (like add bows or make yourself some bangs), but if you find you hair boring, then leave your natural curls,but dye your hair the color you want, you can color the tips, or all, your choice. I would recommend blonde, it gives it a good look, or red, but if you go for colors like blue or pink, then go for it! I forgot to add, to find your curl pattern, you wash your hair, add conditioner or oil to make the curls pop, then search, "curl type system", then compare pictures or characteristics of you hair, with the system/pictures
    But you said you straightened you hair all you life, so you hair is already damaged, so your real curls won't show, so you either have to cut all you hair (or chop half of hair, and stop straightening hair) or you trim you hair each month, but you also haven't stop straightening. Hopefully it helps, and sorry for this long paragraph.
  • IceCream28IceCream28 Registered Users Posts: 3 Curl Neophyte
    Hopefully it goes all good
  • IceCream28IceCream28 Registered Users Posts: 3 Curl Neophyte
    Sorry it was long
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    Welcome to Your photo didn't show up because there are some serious technical problems here at Many people post a photo on an external site like imgur and the put the link here.

    I'm sorry you were made fun of about your curls :( but good for you for taking the steps to learn about your curls to embrace them.

    To get started, you'll want to learn about your hair properties (density, porosity, and thickness.) You can learn more about this in the newbie threads. After that, we can help you figure out what techniques and products might help you.
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    Looking for styling products and tools

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    The first step to look great is to accept yourself as you are. The second step is to be comfortable in your own skin and wear a smile. And I am sure you are an awesome person with those curly hairs.

    Firstly, don't worry about those curls. There are various hairstyles which would look great on you. I list a few for you -

    1. Curly Bob With Side-Swept
    2. Short Bob With Textured Halfway Curls
    3. Thick Textured Curls Rolled Back To Side

    You can try some of them and check which one is most comforting to you.

    Maybe I can help you, if you could describe your requirement in more details. :)

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