I have no idea how to help my curly hair


I am new to this website and to be completely honest new to taking care of my hair. I have 2c/3a thick hair, porosity is very high I guess. My hair gets super puffy in the hot, humid summer or around water, my hair takes forever to dry. My hair usually for the most part has been in good condition considering the fact that I have never really taken care of it. I always just wash and go and put it up in a bun (my hair was super long back then).

Well, 2 years ago out of crazy phase in my life, I decided to bleach my hair blonde (I don't know why, my hair is black btw). My hair got so fried that I end up cutting it all off and starting new. My hair started to grow back to normal, it was soft, silky, and not crispy or dry.

This change around March 2017, my hair from that point started to become drier, fizzy, a lot of breakage, my hair feels like hay at this point. I noticed my hair started to change a little back in November 2016 when I was in AIT in Virginia. I would wash my hair every 2 to 3 days with thick and full ogx shampoo (which I think that my hair probably doesn’t like too much protein), also using Eco gel the Olive oil one, Cantu grows strong and brushing my hair back into a bun. Before then I was washing my hair, maybe once a week (don’t remember the shampoo) and using lets jam gel sometimes. My hair was fine then, soft, normal, even in the humidity of summer.

Well, yeah, my hair ever since March has gone down hill. When I got back to Massachusetts in December 2016, I continue using the same stuff thick and full ogx shampoo, Eco gel, some coconut oil petroleum jelly thing and I have tried other stuff to try and save my hair. I have also cut my ends, but no luck. My hair is dry, super fizzy like hay, crunchy and my ends are hard crispy.

Right now at this moment, I have to stop using that stuff in hopes that my hair comes back to life. The only things I am using is pro 23 Infusium leave in treatment and macadamia hair mask (are these good for my hair? The cashier at Sally said it was good).

Hopefully someone can help me in finding the right products for my hair that won’t dry out my hair, but not be too absorbent I guess.

The photo is my hair in December.


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    welcome !! :flower:

    If reading the ingredients on the products , if see 1 with one or xane at end of ingredient name, these are silicones which leave a gummy chemical residue on our curls.
    for example, the Infusium 23
    , Amodimethicone,, PEG/PPG 18/18 Dimethicone, Polyquaternium 11,

    Glycerin, if a leave in conditioner, can also cause a lot of surface frizz on if weather is very humid or dry air.

    Try washing with a silicone free regular sulfate shampoo to re-set/remove any buildup.

    I have to go to work, but will post back more info to help when return.

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