Lost curl?

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Hiya, I was just wondering why my hair was only curling at the bottom of my hair, my hair is wavy/ kinda straight at the top and when I was younger it used to be ringlets but now it's just kind of straight and then its very big barrel curls ( or curl) at the bottom. Could someone please reply, tell me how I could fix this? Do you think I need to use a protein treatment? I don't think I do though, my hair has a bit of breakage and I lose quite a lot of hair, but I don't think it's damaged. I never really use heat on my hair ( apart from being in the sun) and I don't dye my hair either.


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    Hii, so what I did was a d.i.y protein mask, I was quite nervous since I didn't know if I was protein sensitive or if I would totally ruin my hair. But, It didn't! After really coating my hair in the mask and leaving it on for 40 minutes, I had a good scrub with a renewing shampoo and a frizz-fighting shampoo, then I used Treseme silicone free conditioner and my hair had really thick ringlets curls that started an inch from my head rather than 7 inches! If you had a similar problem to me I recommend doing a light protein mask (not a treatment, unless your hair is damaged!)
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    Glad you found something that worked! It's amazing how much extra curl I get when I do a protein treatment.
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