How long do you plop?

ziplineprincessziplineprincess Registered Users Posts: 5 Curl Neophyte
I recently started a totally different hair routine and I decided to try plopping! If you plop, how long do you do it for?
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  • 1001waves1001waves Registered Users Posts: 73 Curl Novice
    For me I've found 20 minutes to be ideal for good curl formation and drying power without the hair getting creased to the shape of the towel. You can always start with 10 minutes as you get ready for the day and experiment from there.

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  • SanderInPajamerSanderInPajamer Registered Users Posts: 2
    I plop for as long as possible. My plopping routine is:

    1. Comb in shower and set part
    2. Squeeze most of the water out with a t-shirt
    3. Mousse upside down and scrunch
    4. While still upside down, plop in a different t-shirt than before.
    5. While my hair is up, I do my makeup, get dressed and just a few minutes before I leave the house I take it down.

    I'd say I plop for about 45 minutes, sometimes more if its the weekends. My hair, when wet, is very heavy though so the longer its up there and drying and not dragging the curl down, the better.
  • alysonpaige1998alysonpaige1998 Registered Users Posts: 7
    I plop my hair for like a minute with a microfiber towel when I get out the shower. Then I place my conditioners in and lastly, plop with my styling products like my Shea Moisture's Dragons Blood and Coffee Cherry lifting spray and Dragon Fruit Coconut Water mousse to reenact the plopping motion. I diffuse it then lightly spray a mixture of partial conditioner and gel with half water and spray on the parts that are frizzy and loose and plop those, let it partially dry, then plop and repeat this process until my hair dries. I know it seems like a lot but I promise it is not that much! I just do not want to plop at one time because my hair will frizz if I do it all at once!

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