Help! Got highlights and lost my curls

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Back in June I got highlights and my hairdresser used a toner on my thick 3a hair. Since then I've lost the curls on the sides but not the back. My hair now looks dry and damaged with no curls at all.
How can I fix this?


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    Have you tried doing a protein treatment? You can either buy a dedicated protein treatment or else buy a protein-rich conditioner and leave it on your hair for, say, 20 minutes. Protein-rich conditioners are often labled "repairing" or something similar.
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    Sounds like the chemicals damaged your hair. You'll need to deep condition those areas weekly. An occasional hot oil treatment may help and it's possible that a protein or repairing treatment may be needed as well. Your hair may yet bounce back depending on how extensive the damage is.

    I learned the hard way that I absolutely cannot color my hair. My 3a canopy (I was covering silver hairs) became a 2a/b canopy when I got highlights done. The stylist overprocessed my hair and I was devastated.

    I grew my hair out for one year and had almost 8 inches of new growth. Then I had to do a big chop. My hair was below BSL and now it doesn't touch my shoulders.

    I still have straight bits throughout the canopy from heat damage, but that is recovering. No more blowing out my hair straight either! I had to do it a lot more than I would have liked, but those bits that were fried straight absolutely would not curl any more, so it was either straighten it all or curl the straight bits.

    I will just patiently keep cutting the ends until all the heat damaged parts are gone. The good news is that my roots are 3A so I know I have my hair back eventually. It's just gonna be a few years until it's long again.

    Good luck to you!

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