Any other young naturalists?

4bNatural4bNatural Registered Users Posts: 5

A little background about me:

So I've technically been natural for all my life since my mom never put a perm or relaxer in my hair before, but I wouldn't call myself natural. When I was younger, my mom would still straighten my hair. It was never moisturized and it never grew past my shoulders.

Now I'm 14 years old, (I discovered the natural hair community two years ago) have 4b hair and still at shoulder length. I've been doing a lot of protective styles like crochet braids and finger detangling.

I was just wondering if there was any other teens that are natural just like me

If you are, leave a little background about yourself and your natural hair!!


  • raquellondonraquellondon Registered Users Posts: 20 Curl Neophyte
    Don't know if you account 20 a teen but for me, my hair was permed during primary days. I've been natural for seven months.
  • zimmiee__zimmiee__ Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hi! I turned 18 in May, and I've been natural for 6 years now.

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