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I have vastly differing hair patterns and it bothers me like crazy... all I can see are the straight bits (as in I'm obsessed with despising them).

The straight hair, as demonstrated in the drawing below, goes pretty well all the way around my head in the section that I outlined in the image. So the curly part of my hair in the picture is directly above that of the straight bit! How can so much change happen while in such close proximity!!?

I'm not sure if it's always been like this or if it's been from my last few years of a crap diet - I will admit I almost NEVER get my fruit and veg count in per day. I don't exercise either.... which is terrible I know.

Can this be a real factor?

I've even considered gently pulling the straight bits to alter the head pore shape thus changing the way my hair grows (that's scientific, RIGHT?).

The straight bits are really healthy and thick and would be highly appreciated on a girl who wanted straight hair, but not love from me, no, no.

Anyway, although I am after change... I know that this is the natural way my hair grows so really I'm after some solidarity from like-haired people!

What are the tips and tricks? Do products really work for helping such issues?

Also I would just like to put it out there that this is one teeny tiny aspect of my life and I am in no ways crippled by this sitch... it's just a side nit pick!


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    I just wanted to let you know I'm so relieved that someone else has this! I thought my hair was so weird. I have the exact same thing, except the "middle" isn't stick straight, it's wavy at the top, then about a 3a on the bottom. But the top and bottom sections are a 3b. It's so frustrating! With mine, I think it might be that the very top curls push down onto the middle when it's all wet, and straightens it. So what I do is diffuse it before the curls set. It does help, but no matter what, the pattern is actually looser.
    I'm honestly so relieved to know that someone else has this, you don't even know. Oh, also have you tried any type of styler that has magnesium sulfate in it, or a salt spray? I've tried that on the looser curl section and it helped but still it never makes the two textures exactly the same. HTH

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    I'm so happy to see this because I feel like it's never talked about and I thought I was the only one!! My top layer is totally dry, frizzy and 3a while the bottom layer is fine, silky smooth 2a (also not due to damage). It only started to be this way a few years ago so I'm still experimenting. I try to treat them like two different heads of hair for each step. I have found Jessicurl Rockin Ringlets helps boost the bottom layer but it isn't my HG and doesn't last all day without a gel that then of course weighs it down.I also undercut the bottom so it is more hidden but of course that's a lot of upkeep with how long the bottom layer looks. Any advice is welcome, particularly around air-drying techniques as I rarely blow-dry. I do plop for about 15 minutes with finger coils at the straighter parts. After, I clip up the top layer so the bottom can dry without all the heavy weight on it which seems to help a little bit
    3A top, 2A underneath fine, low porosity.
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