Hair styles for heat damaged hair?

Curly_RapunzelCurly_Rapunzel Registered Users Posts: 7
Hey everybody! I'm Dominique and I'm 16 years old. I'm a naturally curly haired girl, I never had a relaxer in my hair...EVER. The only problem is that my hair is heat damaged from the years of getting it flat ironed by beauticians. My beautiful curls are now noodle-like, straight pieces. How can I give a curly hair illusion with my heat damaged hair? :(


  • CxrleighCxrleigh Registered Users Posts: 4
    Try doing flat twist outs and adding perm rods on the end. I use to love doing this while transitioning and it gives a nice curl illusion. For more volume remember to pick at the roots of your hair :thumbleft:
  • nappymiminappymimi Registered Users Posts: 75
    You can create an illusion but it won't solve the problem. It'll just hide it. Do a trim, remove the damage ends. Or else they'll just keep looking limp & break off.

    Do a protein treatment for the rest of your hair. It's health over length gal, you can keep on growing out your hair to regain the length you trimmed off. Heat damage is irreversible #truth :)
  • stream26stream26 Registered Users Posts: 40 Curl Neophyte
    If twisting doesn't work, you could also try using perm rods on your ends. Definitely be sure to deep condition regularly. It's possible that it might revert. Worst case scenario, you'd just have to trim off the part that won't curl. Good luck

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