Dry Hair after washing

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Hello fellow naturals! I have a new problem. I figured out why I was getting flakes in my hair but my hair still feels dry and brittle after wash days. Any advice on how I can change this problem? I'm not sure if it's the products I'm using or what.

Recently I used SheaMoistures JBCO leave in conditioner and camille rose almond jai twisting butter after cleansing and deep conditioning if that helps.

Thanks for the feedback! :thumright:


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    In your other thread you mentioned having fine, low porosity hair. I'm in the same boat and I find that heavy products (especially those rich in shea and coconut oil) can create build-up in my hair quickly and cause that dry feeling.

    The next time you wash, try using a clarifying shampoo with sulfates to give your hair a fresh start. Then, I recommend using/introducing products individually so you can isolate what products work best for your hair/what ingredients work best for your hair. You can also compare your holy grails to see what they have in common and try to find out what ingredients really work. I would alternate between protein (fine hair tends to agree more with protein) and moisture (low-po hair has a hard time getting moisture in). My hair prefers conditioners with a creamy, "lotion" consistency versus a heavy, buttery consistency - which makes sense since fine hair gets weighed down easily and low-po hair gets build-up easily.
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    What are your hair properties? I found that Camille Rose Almond stuff made my hair super dry. I should have known better because my hair hates butters except I can maybe get away with it on my ends. Gives me buildup. If I recall right I think it had some kind of protein in it too my hair didn't like. The Shea Moisture JBCO line is protein heavy.I'm sensitive. I only tried it because it was given to me for free at a natural hair meet up. I ended up giving the leavein away.
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    I tried 2 of the camille rose butters and my hair was parched.
    I also tried the jbco line from shea moisture, I still got straw like hair.

    Anyway, OP, try figuring out what your hair dislikes. For me, my hair doesn't like aloe as leave ins/stylers, so I avoid using those products. For my conditioner, I use tea tree tingle and my deep masque as of right now is the nubian heritage one.
    For styling suggestions, I use the burdock root cream and cocoa detangling ghee from qhemet biologics. I will warn you that those are both 20ish dollars, but a little goes a long way. For a cheaper leave in options, I know the lotta body milk isn't too bad.

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