Need daily hair routine suggestions

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I've been struggling to find out what exactly type of curl I have. I am a biracial male with slightly wavy/curly hair. I would describe myself as a 3a or 3b. The thing is, I have no volume on the top of my head. My hair weighs down on the sides. It kind of looks like a mushroom lol. I also have a problem with halo frizz and dryness. My routine that I usually do is condition my hair in the shower about 5 times a week and every morning I just put in cantu coconut curling cream in my dry hair and that's it. This is obviously not working. Any advice?image.jpg


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    Awesome curls. Try shampooing less frequently. Leaving a bit more conditioner is. Make sure your products are curly friendly. And it might not hurt to do a detox.

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    Don't put product on dry hair. It won't help, and touching your dry hair like that will cause frizz.

    Put product on wet hair after the shower. (How wet takes experimentation to figure out. Some people get best results with putting product on soaking wet hair, some people do better with product over hair that's had excess water squeezed out.) So cowash or shampoo with a sulfate free shampoo*, condition, step out of the shower, put on leave in conditioner and/or product, let hair air dry or diffuse dry. On days you don't wash, you can refresh by mixing a little conditioner and water in a spray bottle, spray your hair and scrunch.

    You can also experiment with product itself. LA Looks Sports Gel is a popular choice for frizz control, and it's cheap, so if it doesn't work, it's not the biggest deal. Some people even mix a little curl with their LALSG. You have to try stuff to know what does and doesn't work.

    *Keep a silicone free shampoo with sulfates around for occasional clarifying
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