How often should I co wash? :)

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Hi all, thought this might be a good place to post.

So, I know for a fact now that with deep conditoining i.e. having a good hot bath or using hot/warm water and conditioner, my hair is massively improving.

However, it's clear that it still lacks a a degree of moisture and so that's what I'm wondering about.

My hair obviously had started out dry, crunchy etc and now that I'm moisturising properly it's nice and smooth/silky has a good amount of bounce etc. What I'm noticing though is that by the third day after washing, if we count wash day as the first day, it's starting to look some what limp again though still just as soft and smooth. Does this mean that rather than washing every three days being cautious not to over moisturise i.e. the way I currently do it being Conditioner, 1 2 3 (days) Conditioner, should I instead do it as every couple of days ( Conditioner 1 2 Conditioner) or even every other day? i.e. Conditioner 1 Conditioner? Also as when first conditioned, as I discovered yesterday, my hair seems to take on a defined wave/curly spiral that's almost a 3/3b would something like the LCO method be good to include in there? I ask as I've only seen those methods really referenced in relation to those with afro textured hair so wasn't sure. :)

Thanks for any input or advice. :)


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    Hi :). Have you tried a gel over top of a leave in yet? I find that to be the most helpful in giving me 3 to 4 days (3 being average), between wash days. If I don't use a gel, my hair doesn't even really stay that curly for long, even though my curl pattern is 3b, without gel its fluffy and almost straight on top, then curly at the bottom. But yeah, that's my only thought for now, as ive never tried the LCO method, but I'm sure others can chime in about it :). Good luck

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    I haven't but will give that a go, thanks! :)
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    You can also refresh hair with water and conditioner. Just mix together your leave in conditioner with distilled water in a spray bottle and spritz your hair to add moisture. I carry around a sample size spray bottle and use it for smoothing down my hair when necessary.
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    Excellent thanks, I will do, I need to find a good leave in first though. :) Would you recommend leave in and water over frizz gels or creams? :)

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