I have been natural for a few years have always struggled with finding a regimen that works for me. I have fine 4c low porosity hair. I wash it once a week with shea moistures raw shea butter moisture retention shampoo and conditioner. For moisturizing, I use Camille Rose's curl maker and Camille Rose's Curl love moisture milk. I love the curl maker because it soften and defines my curls. This leaves my hair feeling very soft but I get a tremendous amount of flakes and breakage still. Also, I deep condition with the conditioner I mentioned above and I use a thermal heat cap so that I can open up my hair cuticle and let the product penetrate as it should. It does wonders. I just don't know why I am getting flakes and lots of hair breakage. I don't wear my natural hair. It is always in twists and it stays soft over the corse of each week. Over them, I wear natural hair clip ins. I need help. :cry:


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    I don't know much about the ingredients in those products you mentioned. However, I am going to assume your hair is getting too much of emollients and not enough protein. Fine hair needs lots of proteins. Also, fine hair isn't that strong so lots of manipulation is probably not great. Are your extensions or add-in hair breaking your actual hair? Also, sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase.

    I would also go to the type 4 forum of Naturally Curly where you can get more information with people very familiar with your hair type.

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    If you are getting flakes it means the products you are using are not mixing well together. If you are using a leave in with the curl maker take a bit of it along with the curl maker and mix them together in your hand if you get curdling then you have your culprit. The products should mix together smoothly. Also the breakage could be the result of too much moisture or too much protein that your hair does not like. I would read the ingredient list if your products and see if you are using too much protein or over moisturizing your hair.

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