Hypothyroidism dry hair remedy

Hi all,

I suffer from hypothyroidism. My hair has always been dried out but it got worst lately. It looks like straw and I'm losing a lot of it. My doctor has increased my level of thyroid meds and I try to do hot oil treatment and/or protein treatments every week but it doesn't work :cry: My hair would feel silky and soft after the treatment and be dry again the next day.

I have changed the products I used. I wash my hair with Devacurl shampoo and conditioner and use natural oils to style my hair. Two hairdressers told me I have product buildup in my hair and should use clarifying shampoo (which I did) and stop using oils or any other products for a few months but I don't think that will help ( I need to to moisturize my hair).

Does anyone have any advice on how to restore my hair back to health?


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    Try doing a deep conditioning treatment. Oil doesn't moisturize, it seals. Protein doesn't moisturize. Do you use a leave in?

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    Well, once you get your meds figured out, your hair should grow in healthier, though that is a pain to figure out and regrowing hair takes time.

    In the meantime, I would try LOC- leave in, oil, cream. (You can also do it LCO- leave in, cream, oil.) You apply the leave in conditioner to wet hair, then apply oil, then apply a curl cream. The layering of leave in over water, then oil, seals in moisture, then the curl cream is for styling.

    You may need to refresh your hair with water more often than most. You can do that with a spray bottle of distilled water.
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    curlisue1 wrote: »
    Try doing a deep conditioning treatment. Oil doesn't moisturize, it seals. Protein doesn't moisturize. Do you use a leave in?

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    I do deep condition my hair, not regularly I must admit. I tried different DIY treatment, some with eggs and oil or banana and oils but none seem to do the trick. I tried different leave in as well, and tried both LOC and LCO methods, but it leaves my hair either greasy or coarse :( I'm so frustrated I keep cutting my hair short :(
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    I highly recommend Stop the Thyroid Madness. It will guide you through common deficiencies such as optimal doses of thyroid medication, low vitamin d, iron, adrenal issues, hormonal issues, low B12, vitamin deficiencies, etc. B12 promotes healthy hair growth. Low iron, B12, vitamin D, adrenal issues, hormonal issues can all cause hair loss. Hormonal issues can cause male pattern baldness (if one has male pattern baldness even in women), and hair thinning. All that being said, I would start with Stop the Thyroid Madness if you haven't already. Once I started STTM, I saw many changes in my hair, skin, nails, mood, clear thinking, energy levels, and overall health. Our thyroid plays a big role in our body including our hair so my best advice is to start with your thyroid related issues first. There is a book, website, and FB groups to help you out.
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    Thanks for the advice joslin2005
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    I have hypothyroidism too, so I feel you. Could it be a porosity issue? I have 2c/3a curls and when they got super dry, I tried heavy duty conditioners with butter and coconut oil like Shea Mousture’s castor oil and TGIN. Both are great products, but they have lots of protein. It turns out that I have low porosity hair. For me, that means that heavy products sit on my hair and make it crunchily dry. Its counter intuitive, but consider switching up lighter products with words like penetrating in the description. 
    Do the porosity rest by putting a piece of hair in a cup of water. If it sinks quickly, it’s high porosity and needs protein. If it floats for a minute or three then  sinks it’s medium and you’ll need to balance protein treatments. If it’s like mine, it will float. Low porosity 
    here’s what works for me. Do steps 1-2 every few week until your hair is balanced and then every 7-8 wash days to remove buildup and reset hair’s levels. 
    1. Clarify with a sulfate free shampoo (I like Wow, Alba, or Cantu,) or  Castile liquid soap like Dr. Bronner’s. Or, add 1 tsp baking soda to your regular shampoo, Your hair may feel dry or squeaky clean afterwards, but don’t panic yet. Really massage it in. Rinse with warm water. Rinse very well if you use baking soda. 
    2. Rinse with 1:1 warm water and apple cider vinegar. The smell will dissipate.You can add herbs or essential oils to the rinse. I like rosemary and orange oil (2 drops each) and chamomile tea bags as natural shine enhancers. Let settle on your hair for a few minutes. Then rinse. Cleanse  with your regular shampoo if you like. Your hair should feel lighter now. 
    3. Choose a penetrating deep conditioner. I like Curls Blueberry and Camille Rose coconut water. Living proof mask in the purple jar,  Innersence mask, Curl J***ie masks, and John Frieda Honey are also good. Or DIY, try a lighter weight oil like grape seed mixed with some real honey, mashed avocado, and a banana. Add a few drops of rosemary or orange essential oil for scent and shine. 
    4. Gently comb through hair.if you used a commercial conditioner,  put hair  in plastic cap. Put under heat (I like the bonnet drier for this, but a diffuser works well too,) for 10-15 minutes. Let hair cool and rinse with warm then cool water. 
    5. Rinse with regular conditioner. I like the curls blueberry or CR coconut daily conditioner 
    6. Add leave in to damp hair ( KC knot today, or Curls Blueberry)
    7. Add styling cream (curl keepers,  Curl J***ie smoothing, or deva curl cream or innersence ) 
    them wet down with plain water and add gel if needed. 
    Deva arc angel, KC curl custard 
    8.for extra definition take a tiny bit of pomade between palms. Use prayer hands 🙏 to gloss over ends and crown. 
    9. Twirl sections around fingers 
    10. Put clips in at crown for volume 
    11. Let air dry or use dryer bonnet or diffuser 
    12. Use a pick like the squiggle to gently lift roots and then gently scrunch through hair with your haves to get rid of crunch. Add 2 small drops  of a lightweight oil like rosehip seed or avacado to palms while scrunching. 

    B. For regular wash days, shampoo, condition, style. Alternate with masks every other wash day. If you need some protein, alternate masks. Shea moisture has several excellent protein masks. 
    C. Increase your vitamin b mix, omega 3 or fish oil from cold water fish, and/or massage scalp oil into scalp 30 minutes or more before shampooing. Curls Blueberry and CR have oils. You can also DIY with rosehip seed oil and castor oil. Add 3 drops per OZ of rosemary, peppermint or lavender essential oil and/or Amla, need (it smells awful but works,) and and brahimi for extra help. 
    Aplogies for the length of this. Hope it helps. 

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