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Hi all, I had to cut most of my hair off last week. I had a reaction to a medication which caused my hair to fall out. I lost about half my hair. I'm not a fan of the new hair cut, but it had to be done to camoflage my hair loss.

I'm very thankful that its stopped and I didn't end up bald, so I'm trying to embrace the shorter do.

I had just gotten the hang of styling my shoulder length hair, but I have no idea how to style the angled bob I have now. Since a lot of people on this site, those who post anyway, seem to have long hair, I was wondering if anyone had short hair and if they have any tips on how to style short wavy fine hair?

I can't seem to achieve the definition that I had before, and I don't know how to add volume without messing up my curl shape/clumping. I've tried Mousse to disappointing results.

Thank you for any advice you might have.

Before and after pix attached.
- Rose

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    I like it short!

    If you want to add a little edge, you might take a flat iron and loosen some of your bigger curls, leaving the ends undone.
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    i also like it short, i think the style in the photo looks good.

    even when i get my usual haircut i have to readjust to it -- less product, styling. it generally takes me at least a week to settle in with working with my hair.

    if the hair loss stopped, then now you just have to play around with your hair and see what works. and what length will work for you as your hair grows.

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    I like the cut and the shorter hair! Learning to style my hair shorter is still a work in progress, and it definitely took time in the beginning. Not only did I have to use less product overall, but had to use different types of product. Very stiff gels weigh down my hair and cause it to bend weirdly. Instead of I have to use just a little gel and then volume foam. I too lost a bunch of hair and this combo hides it really well. I also squeeze out all the water I can before adding anything to my hair, trading definition for volume. Ending shower with hair rinsed upside down or flipping hair upside down afterwards for applying product/squeezing out water/diffusing is also a great help for volume. BTW I use Sweet Curls Elixirs Volume Foam (with added PVP for hold) and lots of wavies here seem to really like it. My hair properties are quite similar to yours so if my hair loves it maybe yours will too. Mousses that I've tried (chemically based) didn't work for me either except Oscar Blandi which was awesome (but I had allergic reactions). Most of them and many chemically based products I find heavy for fine hair and build up too easily. If you need products for hold you may want to experiment with using hairspray (whether all natural or not) in place of gel, as it's lighter.

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