Type 1 hair, learning from the curlies! Hi! :)

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Hi all! I stumbled across this forum after researching DevaCurl products for their sulfate/silicone/paraben free properties.

I have what I've always thought was type 1 hair. It's very fine, medium density, low porosity, and a little bit past shoulder length. It doesn't hold a curl via hot tools and blow dries straight with minimal effort. It grows really slowly and doesn't like to be long. In fact, I've had hair this length many times, hated the way it looks, and cut it back to chin length.

I really want to continue growing out my hair but I am finding that it needs some extra TLC at this length to keep it looking good, so I am on a "hair journey" (aka hair identity crisis). It has a natural bend at the ends, along with about three natural dents (wannabe waves?) starting at the middle of my head. I bought a DevaCurl wavy kit and am hoping that I can use the products to coax some of the wave out. I read somewhere also that 65% of women have some degree of wave/curl but don't know it - I'm hoping to be part of that 65%!

My hair meets all the characteristics of type 1 hair EXCEPT I get incredible amazing spirals overnight using flexi rods that hold all day with minimal product (I like to delude myself into thinking its because my hair is meant for curls). Unfortunately, due to flexi rods and all of the other experimentation I've been doing with hot tools, my poor delicate hair has taken a toll, so more than ever, I need to find a style that looks good and healthy and involves minimal handling (ohgodhairpleasebewavy).

Yesterday, after a sulfate shampoo and a conditioning hair mask treatment, and no additional product, I experimented with scrunching excess water with a microfiber towel instead of my normal routine of wrapping it up in a turbie while I do a makeup. I saw these beautiful fat spirals in my wet hair that ended up drying mostly straight. Pleaseohplease is that a sign of natural waves?

I have to say, I've found out more about healthy hair care through this website and others that are targeted to curlies, than I have for fine/straight haired ladies. So, thank you, curlies!



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    It sure does sound like you could be a wavy. I have fine hair too, and my spirals are definitely fatter after I have scrunched my wet hair than when my hair is dry. And if you are just starting out after years of treating your hair as if it is straight, it makes sense that your hair is having difficulty holding its wave.

    The Deva kit sounds like a good place to start, as well as reading all the stuff found on this site. I would maybe recommend doing some more deep conditioning treatments, especially with heat, since your hair is low porosity (which means that moisture has a hard time penetrating the hair cuticle). Curly hair needs more moisture than straight hair. I would also stop brushing your hair, because that can harm the waves (curly hair is more fragile than straight hair).

    If you feel adventurous, you could try using a little protein, maybe just in a rinse-out conditioner, because I have read that a lot of low-porosity curlies like protein *if* their hair is fine. Just be sure to go really slow with the protein, because it can make some people's hair brittle and rough.

    Good luck!
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    Therese1 wrote: »
    years of treating your hair as if it is straight

    So much this. 20 years worth of brushing, blow drying, blowouts, shampoo and conditioning EVERY DAY, and under-moisturizing.

    Dear hair,

    I am so... so... so sorry that I hurt you all these years.

    Thank you for validating me, and for all the helpful tips! A heated deep condish is in my near future, as well as a wastebasket full of brushes! :D

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