new & i've finally embraced the CG method :)

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Hello my wavy curlfriends!

It's been a long time coming but I've finally embraced the CG method & want to strengthen & add more definition to my waves/curls. I can't wait to share my progress and check out yall's progress as well and to learn more from this amazing community.

My Story:
Growing up, my hair texture was quite confusing. I was born with really straight spiky hair and all throughout elementary & middle school I had pretty normal , thick straight hair. It wasn't until I hit puberty that I started to notice my hair changing. It was a bit more frizzy than usual and had a wave going on. Now, my moms side of the family has straight course hair, but on my dad's side of the family, all of my aunts have extremely curly hair. Any who, I liked this change in texture. However, I never really knew how to take care of it. My whole life, my mother has been using Pantene Pro-V on her straight short hair so I thought why not use it on my hair as well. Probably the WORST thing I could've used (but of course I didn't know any better) And although my hair had that "squeaky clean" feel to it full of volume, it wasn't the best choice for my waves and probably the reason why I never really got to see my waves potential. Quite honestly, I never really knew that there were hair products for people with my hair type. I never felt like I fit in the "curly" category because my hair wasn't the type of kinky curly that I thought these products were intended for. Boy was I misinformed! There were times when I wanted to get a perm SO bad because I was always jealous of my aunts kinky curly hair. I remember putting curling rods in my hair, and leave it overnight, only to wake up to really kinky curly hair lol Fast forward to high school and the "in" thing was straight hair. I remember at times straightening my hair with a CLOTHES IRON (hair suicide) because I wanted SO BAD to fit in with the "cool kids" with ultra sleek straight hair (so lame I know). I also did bangs for a while and thought that it looked better with straight hair so I continued to straighten my hair religiously throughout high school and college. Fast forward to a couple months ago, I got really obsessed with the health of my hair (and my health in general) and decided to try No Poo (apple cider vinegar & baking soda) on my hair to see what kind of results I would get. I was amazed at the results because I felt like my entire life I was lied to, thinking that my hair absolutely NEEDED shampoo. Although I didn't stick to the Apple Cider Vinegar method, I did switch to sulfate free haircare. I also stopped using heat on my hair and noticed a huge difference in the health of my hair! I used to blow dry my hair every time I would get out the shower but now I only maybe blow dry my hair once a month or once every other month. I became OBSESSED with knowing more and doing research and trying everything I could get my hands on lol. Finally, someone recommended I try Deva Curl so I purchased the Kit for All Curl Kind at Ulta and was just blown away by the results. I never really knew my waves could get so defined and feel so healthy! I can only imagine how they'll look like as time goes on. I want to say, before I started this journey I was probably at 2a now I think I'm more of a 2b/2c. If you guys think otherwise please let me know as I am new to all of this! ;)

I'm looking forward to learning about new ways to take care of my waves and learn all of the CG lingo. OH! And I can't wait to make new friends here :D


(pictures below from left to right: 1)This is how my hair looked like using shampoo, looked dry and my waves didn't look defined. 2) This is how I typically would style my hair with heat, I would blow dry and then use thermal roller set. 3) this is how my hair looks NOW since starting the CG method :) 4)this tends to be 3-4th CG day hair


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    Wow! You have gorgeous hair! And welcome. I think you'll find us a friendly bunch.
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    thank you BeinDeb! Glad to be here!
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    My hair story sounds exactly the same as yours! Born with straight hair, turned wavy sometime during puberty, took care of it poorly, then took care of it properly thanks to the internet.

    Welcome to the boards. You have beautiful hair!

    Are you still using Deva products?
    :color: HAIR STATS & ROUTINE :color:
    2c/3a--medium porosity--medium density--medium/coarse
    Cleansers: Shea Moisture Scalp Detox Shampoo, wash ~2x a week
    Conditioners: Cantu Hydrating Cream Conditioner (RO,HG!)
    Stylings: SM Curl and Style Milk (HG), Camille Rose Curl Maker (HG!)
    SOTC: SM Curl and Style Milk
    Oils: Coconut
    Working with waves since April 2015

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    Omg i love your name ExpectoPatronum! And thank you! Your hair is beautiful as well! I'm about to run out of the Kit for All Curl Kind but I've been happy with the results. I love the No Poo and the One Condition. My hair worked really well with those two. The Light Defining Gel made some of my waves frizzy but created intense volume! My favorite was the DevaCurl Styling Cream. My waves were very defined and didn't feel weighed down!

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