Returning Curly Girl with a couple questions.

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I did curly girl several years ago. My hair got so healthy I decided to grow it long. As it got longer I stopped doing CG (although I did still keep using Deva shampoo and condish because they are natural ingredients) but my hair got too long to ever wear down, so I stopped styling it curly.

A lot of years and 3 surgeries later, the density of strands of hair I have on my head has decreased significantly. That combined with me being tired of the same old thing and always wearing my hair up, I cut my tailbone length hair back to bra strap length (and I may cut off more) and I'm ready to let my waves shine again.

I have some Deva products left, but I'm thinking they are still allowing my hair to frizz too much, so I'm trying Shea Moistire to see if my hair likes it.

Question #1 What is the difference between the Shea Moisture Curl enhancing Smoothie and the curl and style milk. Would I use both or just one at a time? Do I need to use a leave in along with these products?

Question #2 What's the best thing to do with day 2 hair that's a total frizz ball? I could co wash and calm it down, but what do I do on a day I have no time to wash?

Thank You!


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    I have actually been wondering about the SM CES and Curl and Style Milk myself! I have the CES but not the milk. I hope someone answers your question, because I'd love to know. I don't think you'd need a leave-in if you use the milk.

    As for the frizz ball question, if my hair is frizzy, I wet my hands a bit and smooth the water down the length of my hair, or else I spray my hair with a little water (in a FINE misting bottle--many bottles have too coarse of a spray and cause more frizz). I may do this a few times, if my hair is especially frizzy or dry. I will then add a bit of the CES emulsified with water on my hands and smooth that on, or lately I've been experimenting with using just a tiny bit (maybe two peas' worth) of hard-hold gel smoothed on over the top. I then scrunch a little bit to work the product in (I scrunch gently), and I may clip to get some volume at the roots while I let it air-dry (it takes only five minutes or so). You may also be able to take a pea-sized amount of a rinse-out conditioner (preferably one without many humectants), rub that well between your hands, and then smooth that over the moistened canopy to smooth the frizz.
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