Any chance for my curls to come back?

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Hi all, I'm new here. Wasn't sure where exactly to post this, so I hope this is an okay spot. This is gonna be kinda long because I want to provide as much info as possible to help determine the fate of my hair :cry:

Start with my hair type. My natural hair is a hybrid between 2B/2C, I'd say low-medium density, fine-medium width, medium length, and the porosity test has me at low porosity.

My hair has been through a lot. I used blue-black boxed dyes on my hair for about 5 years, but my curl pattern never really changed. I also straightened the crap out of it for years back in middle school, but again, curl pattern never really changed.

I got the black out of my hair and was very bright red for a while, and decided I wanted to be blonde (didn't know at the time how hard it is to remove red pigments, eek). Long story short, I bleached the life out of my hair and lost my curl pattern. It slowly came back as my hair grew out.

Fast-forward through a bunch of unimportant hair changes and then I was back to black hair. Wanted to go back to my natural ginger color after a while, so I used bleach to lift the black. My curl pattern went flat again, but it came back pretty quickly after I hacked off everything from my boob up to my chin and did some protein and deep conditioning treatments.

Left my hair alone for a while and everything was honky-dory. THEEEEEN I wanted green hair (seriously when will I LEARN TO JUST LEAVE IT ALONE) which required, of course, bleach. Lost curl pattern again. This left it in its most damaged state, where I knew I would have to grow my hair out to see my curls come back. Kept green for a while. Went black again because I didn't know what to put over green. Lifted black a couple months later (are you cringing yet?) I lifted the black using the L'oreal Hair Color Remover, which has bleach in it (which I forgot about, oops), so I was kind of back at square one in terms of not having my curl pattern.

After lifting the black, I used a henna dye to get close to my natural color and haven't touched it since (and I promise I am never abusing my hair that much ever again lol) I did the henna aroooound end of September if I remember correctly?

I use cleansing conditioners to wash my hair, and wash it once or twice a week. Deep conditioners sometimes, usually coconut oil. I haven't done any protein treatments in a while and am planning on doing one soon. I have used Olaplex as well. My hair has grown out ehhh 1.5-2" since I did the henna, and in some spots (particularly the under layers) there's some wave coming back, and my fringe has its usual wave back as well.

Basically, I'm just nervous. I know it hasn't grown out enough to really see my curl pattern come back, but I've been kinda freaking out that it won't. Is that possible? Did I wreck my hair enough that it won't be as curly as it used to be once it all grows out? Or do you think it'll be okay? My hair was never curly close to the scalp either on the top layers so I know I'll have to wait a few more inches to see what happens with that which is just making me more nervous about it haha. I'm gradually trimming off the damage as it grows out.

If anyone has been in a similar situation, or has any advice, tips, etc, it would be much appreciated. I've done some looking around online and have seen some things saying nope your curls may never come back, and some saying yep they'll return after it grows out.


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    welcome and hi :) .

    i think if avoid extensive bleaching, and look up/search for protein and moisture balance on here, you will get some ideas to help with condition as it grows back!

    i am allergic to alot of things so have avoided most dyes, but i am having to grow my curls back. after being bulled extensively and losing almost all length/fullness of them.. perhaps we can share tips, as i do.
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    OMGoodness! It's good to meet someone else whose hair past has been as colourful as mine :angel9:
    Anyhow, I also went to henna after the chemical stuff and what I will say is that henna DOES loosen your curls. If you buy henna from a good shop, they'll tell you this before you buy it. That didn't bother me at first because when I started henna I had totally straight hair but after my first pregnancy I noticed waves and decided to stop henna. Now the henna has been cut out I can see that I'm about a 2b. I looked 1b with henna.
    I have would also stop henna if you want your curls back. It should be pretty painless to grow it out being a redhead. Henna is awesome stuff when your hair has been abused. It's full of protein and fills in all the gaps but it's not going to bring out your curls.
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