New here- 3B/C hair- trying to grow out from a pixie cut

i have been reading through this forum for some time now and thought I would post and introduce myself. I have had SHORT (like an inch or 2 long- at most) for the past 15 years. I really had just gotten so tired of my hair and chopping it off was the easiest solution. Now I am thoroughly bored with short hair and I am on the challenging road to growing it out. My hair doesnt seem to match anyone's on here. It is very coarse, very frizzy on top and soft curls by the nape of my neck. the curls on the sides are nice but the back and top are just a frizzy, unmanageable mess. My hair is weird, i have to put a ton of products in it (at least i always thought i did- growing it out now I am trying to go more CG) just to tame it. If anything or anyone would touch my hair it would immediately frizz out. My hair is the type that if you put it in a ponytail and take it down, it will stay in the ponytail shape. Or by the end of the day from resting on my shoulders- it would end up in a weird pyramid shape. Its definitly not soft and loose.

Soooooooo after all that i am looking for any help and or advice on
a) growing out my hair. My last pixie cut was in Nov.
b) styling products. Right now i use ISO tamer foam which is really the only thing i have found to manage my crazy hair. But.... i dont think it's going to work with longer hair. I need a ton of control and I am honestly tired of the hair helmet.
c) any CG tips/tricks recommendations

Sorry for the novel... I just need help. lol


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    On another do people with coarse hair get 2nd day hair?! When I wake up I look like the bride of frankenstein.

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