What hairstyle (natural or straight) would look good on me?

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Hello! I'm 15 and trying to find a hairstyle that suits me c: I'm not into things that are too girly. Here's a pic of me. http://i.imgur.com/abTUdz6.jpg (sry for the messy hair and horrible selfie taking skills) I've been transitioning since somewhere near the end of September. My hair has been growing in pretty healthy. I try to take care of it. I've only used heat once. I think my hair type is 4a/4b. It curls on its own, even when it dries and I don't mess with it. My hair is cut suuper short so it's not being weighed down much. I love short hairstyles and colored hair c: My forehead is kinda big tho lool ^^ Any thoughts or ideas? Thank you!


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    When I was 16 I had my hair cut into a tapered style similar to this oneShort-Natural-Hairstyles-4C.jpg. Back then I used to just wash it and comb some Suave or Pantene conditioner through it. There wasn't as much info or products geared towards natural hair at the time and I think I used Aussie Sprunch Spray to freeze areas that would get frizz.
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    That's so pretty. Thank you! ^^

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