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Hello everyone!

I'm a new curly girl (as of 14 days ago) and I'm totally loving my new hair. I've solved so many life long hair struggles - except now I'm facing a new issue and I'm not sure what to do. The back of my head is a solid 3a and then it starts to get a little less curly (like a 2c/b) then my bangs and a couple of small pieces at the base of my neck are very very very 2a - I'm not at all sure how to work on these? It's like parts of my hair respond differently to product. Should I get them cut? Re-clarify them? Product recommendations? Any advice at all would be super helpful.

Can't wait to hear from you!!


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    Hey! I have the same issue.

    My hair is mostly 3b/3c with a little 3a on the sides and top. I think what really makes a difference is the texture, but if you've noticed that the different patterns respond to products in their own ways, apply accordingly.

    For example, my 3a sections happen to be fine in texture, so I usually put less product on those areas, or in the shower, rinse the conditioner from those sections so they don't get too crunchy. My 3b sections, especially at the canopy, are very dry, so I put more product there, etc.

    I would just say to apply product and style according to what you've observed. No one knows your hair better than you do, and I've learned that it's as simple as following what your curls respond to! :)
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    I have the same issue. My bottom layer is 3c (which is frizzy and damaged, puffy and undefined) And my top layer is 3b (which is healthy, apart from needing a good trim) similar to Fran on naturally curly. And my new growth is a very silky 3a.

    I have still have not figured out exactly what to do. But I have figured out a really good, quick routine to blend the two textures. After washing & detangling as you would normally, apply your leave in and styler (or what ever you intend to use) and braid your hair in 2-4 braids. Then you just allow your hair to dry.

    Spankie V on YouTube does this, and I find it works wonders for me. You might like it too.

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    I have mixed patterns too (3aish where my bangs would be, 2b on the sides, 2c at the back, 2a/2bish around my ears, almost straight at the nape of my neck).

    There's not a lot you can do if you have multiple naturally occurring patterns - no good way to change one into another If you are looking for consistency across all curl patterns, you might have to result to curling the not-so-curly bits manually (rollers, pin curls, curling wand, etc.).

    A good haircut/style will help you with some of it. I cut my nape hairs a good 2" shorter than the rest of the back so they don't hang down below the rest of it when I wear it down. My hair is above shoulder length, so if I wear it up, I have to pin the short bits up - they are stringy and straggly and I hate them, so I do my best to hide them as they resist any kind of styling. I consider shaving them off from time to time since I wear my hair shorter, but I am convinced it will look pretty stupid. :tongue5:

    If the straighter bits around my ears and temples look wonky, I tuck them behind my ears and show off my earrings LOL

    But, if I had straighter bangs I'd certainly rock a nice fringe - I miss my bangs but that's where my hair is curliest, and realize that bangs never did me justice (my hubby likes them longer, guess he knows what he's talking about since he has to look at me, heh!).

    Cultivating a good relationship with a stylist who understands curly hair is the best thing I've done. I had a consultation for a good half an hour with her before I let her touch my hair, and she is a wizard with all my patterns. I don't get a "curly" cut either - just a wet cut. But the communication I have with her is really key as she listens to my issues and talks me out of anything that she knows won't work for me.

    Try finding some images online someplace of styles that might work with the patterns that you have, maybe you will find something you like and could work with (that's how I arrived at my current length and style). You know your hair best but don't be afraid to experiment a little. (It's only hair!)

    For me being CG has mostly to do with having healthy hair - it will never look "perfect" and I have given up putting too much stock in perfectly defined hair - but I'm happy in accepting the natural curls that I've been given.

    As to different textures, I don't have an easy answer; I know that the 2c bits at the back behave differently than the rest of it where product absorption, etc. is concerned, but I tend not to stress over it too much. My routine is pretty basic and I am focused far more on whether or not ingredients react well with my hair or skin (both are a little fussy). I will say that having the right amount of water in my hair for product distribution seems to be most helpful in terms of technique - too little water and there is frizz and too much water and everything falls flat due to gravity and fine hair.

    Remember too that the low dew points in winter sometimes make our waves a little wimpy due to the lack of moisture in the air; normal dew points in spring may perk your waves up a bit. But it won't turn 2a hair into 2c hair, ever. If you have just started the CG method, give it time - it took me a good six months to see consistent results in my hair (no heat damage, just smothering due to silicone buildup) and really, 2 years before my natural patterns established themselves fully.

    I wish I could be more helpful, but in the end it comes down to the right cut that flatters my face and curl patterns. It took me a while to hit on the right combination, so be patient!

    Good luck from a fellow mixed pattern whirly.
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