Its been 3.5 weeks and nothing has changed!

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Hey guys

I'm new here, i just started transitioning after christmas and my hair looks awful, no products are helping, i do a co wash with shea moisture co wash, deep condition once a week with shea moisture restore and grow mask, and then I'm using carols daughters brand gel or mousse, I've tried both. they both aren't workin l g for my hair, it looks thick, oily, won't curl how it used to, its all gummy looking, if i go without products its frizzy and oily at the same time? how much longer do i need to do this! lol. what am i doing wrong? nothing looks good, i have to wash it pretty much daily to even look presentable, and i have to wear it up which isn't good for my curls anyways! I have a mild A-line shoulder length layered cut, dyed with organic dyes, its up to date on trims, i just don't know what else i can do :cry: any advice??


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    If it's only been 3 weeks, I wouldn't expect it to look great. Mine sure didn't. My head looked like hell the better part of 8 months before I hacked it all off (big chop). THEN it looked great. I did a lot of Bantu knots to get by, but even that only did so much during transitioning. I wanted to quit so many times, but I'm glad I didn't. A lot of people skip transitioning and cut it all off to avoid the drama, but I take it that's not an option for you. And what do you mean it won't curl how it used to? I'm assuming you're transitioning from relaxers, so do you mean your new growth (roots)? If so, as long as you have straight ends, you have no clue what your hair is going to do until you cut it off. My natural roots looked like 2a hair until I big chopped. Then I found it was 3b/3c.

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    It could be the products you are using. Shea butter can coat some people's hair and cause build-up, which could be why your hair feels gummy. Do you have a different shampoo you could use? It can still be low poo (no sulfates), but I think it would be worth skipping the SM co-wash and trying something different to see if that is the culprit.

    Also, did you do a clarifying shampoo before you started the transition? If you did not clarify before transitioning, you may have build-up on your hair from your previous hair regimen.
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    +1 on changing your products. shea butter can definitely make your hair feel gummy. do a regular sulfate shampoo to clarify, then use a different conditioner.

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    I've been transitioning for 10 months, and I can tell you that I didn't actually start seeing results until about 3 months into the transition. If your hair is damaged, it's not going to curl again so you've gotta grow it out. Wash and gos or curl definers aren't going to make those damaged pieces curl (trust me I've tried). I would say the best thing to do would be to find some good protective styles that you like and rock those. If you don't mind spending time on your hair at night, roller sets, perm rods, flexi rods, twist outs, and braid outs are also options.

    When transitioning, remember; If you don't have the curls yet, fake it til you make it. Hope this helps! :)
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    i agree with the above. also, accessories -- clips, headbands,scarves.... be creative with styles. (half braids across the top looks great). just keep thinking about the progress you've already made.

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    I've been transitioning for a little over three months and my hair is still a complete nightmare disaster. Expect to be in this hell for a year or more. Here are some things that helped me:

    - Hair doughnuts! I am physically incapable of putting my hair into a respectable bun without one of these amazing tools, especially now that my hair is super short. Hair doughnuts are so easy to use and give you a polished, elegant look in minutes.

    - Braids! If you don’t know how to do them, learn! Braids have saved my sanity time and time again. When my hair was still half-relaxed, half-heat damaged curls, I would often braid my hair into two Dutch braids and sleep in them, so I could wake up with braid waves. It would make the difference in texture in my hair waaaay less noticeable. Or, braid your hair and leave it braided! It’s hard to see the difference in texture when you have braided hair.

    (the two aforementioned are especially relevant for me because I am not black, and therefore would not feel comfortable styling my hair in box braids like I did as a child, so it becomes really important to find appropriate alternatives)

    - Hats. I got this from my brother. Often I would find the top of my head (which was sprouting natural curls) much more voluminous than my flat ends. It would look hella awkward. So I’d stick on a hat from the moment I woke up to the moment I got to work, and by the time I arrived the top of my hair had flattened nicely enough.

    - Baby jaw clips! For me these were so, so important, because when I tied my hair into a bun or braid or anything I’d have random pieces of straight hairs sticking up (even though my hair was not layered???), so I bought these tiny, tiny jaw clips in dark brown and black so they blended in with my hair color. I use them to tuck away large stray strands, and I much prefer them to bobby pins.
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