New piercings + CG = infection?

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Hey curlies! I'm thinking about getting my cartilage pierced (double helix) and I'm wondering if the fact that I don't use shampoo might up my chances of the area getting infected. I clarify with ACV as needed, and co-wash mostly every night. Does this leave much bacteria in my hair that could easily infect a new piercing? Or is it about the same risk as shampooing daily?

I know this might be kind of a durrrr question, but I have an incredibly vivid imagination when it comes to imagining worst-case scenarios :D


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    Simply wash the area of the piercing regularly e.g. twice a day.

    Curly girl doesn't mean your hair is any dirtier.

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    I wouldn't think that co-washing would cause any more problems than regular shampooing. But to be sure, I would call the place where you might want to get the piercing done and ask them. That will put your mind at ease. (I am good at visualizing worst-case scenarios too!)
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    It's funny that you ask that. I have never had an issue with piercings and few years ago (probably around the time I started co-washing) my industrial piercing became infected and I developed a keloid and then shortly after that I had my tragus pierced and I was scared the same thing was happening so I removed it. The two could be completely unrelated and it's probably just my body changing on me but I never considered the possibility of them being related.
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