Peter Coppola Keratin Concept

ssud75ssud75 Posts: 1Registered Users
Hi all,

Has anyone tried the new Peter Coppola Keratin Concept treatment? I will be getting it in 2 weeks and I'm curious to see what the results are.


  • RG17RG17 Posts: 3Registered Users
    Hey, did you ever get it done? PLEASE post before and after pics (after washing)! I'm considering getting it done.

    Did it make your hair pin straight after washing or do you retain some curl?

    How is the hair fall rate?

  • ShannonCShannonC Posts: 8Registered Users
    Hi, I know this post is old, but I just saw it and had to post since I love the Peter Coppola Keratin Treatment. It works really well to tame my crazy hair. I have had the keratin many times and it is the best one I have had yet and I have tried them all! My hair still has curl when I wear it natural, but is smooth and not frizzy. It takes way less time to blow dry it, and is easier to manage for sure. I haven't noticed any hair fall, as mentioned in the other post. I love the results of this treatment, it has made my hair way better. I did take before and after pics, you can see my crazy hair, and how much better it is after I got the treatment.
  • MRW222MRW222 Posts: 2Registered Users
    I am having the new Peter Coppola Keratin treatment in 2 weeks. I have never had any Keratin treatments before because I didn't want to have straight hair full time. My stylist says that the new one is mainly for defrizzing and would not take away my curl, so I'm excited but still nervous! I'm just wondering what hair products you use? Do you have to use only Peter Coppola products? I have used Ouidad products for years and still have a lot of it on hand. I'm wondering if they would ruin it?
  • LoodieLoodie Posts: 12Registered Users
    MRW222 wrote: »
    ....My stylist says that the new one is mainly for defrizzing and would not take away my curl...

    I had a keratin treatment done two years ago so perhaps the formulas are different now. The treatment I did had formaldehyde in it. Anyway, it changed my curl pattern. I uploaded a picture of my hair. It shows the bottom end (treated hair) in a wave, while the top (virgin hair) spirals.
  • MRW222MRW222 Posts: 2Registered Users
    Thank you for your reply, and for the example photo. It is my impression that this treatment is pretty new. It is called "Aldehyde-free & Formaldehyde-free Keratin Treatment". My stylist said this one is semi-permanent, so I would have no lines of demarkation as it grows out. it's supposed to last up to 3 months. Being it'll be Winter when mine wears off, I may not have to repeat it at that point if it's not bothering me. I so hope it turns out! My hair has gotten completely insane. I'm counting down the days after reading the reviews.
  • LoodieLoodie Posts: 12Registered Users
    Perhaps the formaldehyde free formulas are more gentle. Enjoy the sleekness! ��

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