Make up smudging; please help

DocDoc Registered Users Posts: 367
Hello everyone;
What tps if any do you all have to keep make-up on your face and off everyone else's?
I'm so tired of hugging someone or getting close only to have my makepup get all over them. This is especially problematic in church.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated :D
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  • rouquinnerouquinne Registered Users Posts: 13,737 Curl Connoisseur
    use waterproof varieties.

    what, exactly, is getting on people when you hug them?
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  • goldilocks777goldilocks777 Registered Users Posts: 1,020
    I would guess actual foundation? This does happen to me anymore, since I've switched to using exclusively tinted moisturizer (thank you, Stila!).

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