Keratin Complex vs Brazilian

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Newbie is very thick, coarse, type 2C as best I can tell with a strong tendency to frizz.

I've had Brazilian Blowouts done in the past and loved them...I would still have to do a quick pass with an iron to straighten, but more than anything else I loved the texture it gave me -- silky smooth hair with no frizz.

My stylist does both the BB and the KC, and she's trying to talk me into doing the KC this time. She said results typically last longer and tendency is for it to make hair straighter than BB. I'll add that my natural curl pattern is not at all attractive -- parts of my hair are very curly while others are just wavy and frizzy. If I had a beautiful, even curl pattern I wouldn't be so inclined to straighten. As it is, I just look like I have permanent bed head!

Anyway, my major hesitation with the KC is the 72-hour wait period. I can normally go 3 days between shampoos, but just how gross does the hair get with the product on it? Has anyone had any experience with both? Pros and cons of each, please. Thanks, and sorry for the long post!


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    Hi - I just got a keratin complex treatment done on 7/10. So today is the end of my 72 hour period... and I will say it's not difficult at all to refrain from washing. If you are already used to not washing your hair daily (I normally wash once / week), then you will be fine.

    Because it is straight following the treatment, it does get a little greasy faster than normal, but nothing crazy. I put on a tiny bit of dry shampoo this morning to go to work and look presentable.

    I will say, the most annoying part of this three day period is having to wear my hear down and straight 24/7. I can't wait to put my hair in a clip or ponytail just to not have it hanging straight down by my face! I'm not used to wearing it like this.

    FYI - I have similar hair to you it seems. 2c-ish, uneven curl pattern and frizz around my head. Very thick and moderately course. This is my first keratin treatment so I'm anxious to see the results following the first wash! Good luck!
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    Thanks so much...that's good to hear although, to be honest, I'm not sure how I'm going to go three days without tucking my hair behind my ears!

    Would love to hear your thoughts after washing your hair...
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    I know this is a little old but just in case you were looking for opinions still-- I had the Keratin Complex treatment done several years ago, when it was the new trending thing, and it was hands down the most WONDERFUL hair experience I've ever had in my life. I have very thick, monstrous hair -- it's as though someone brushed out an afro and then electrocuted me to top it off. Nothing worked on my hair to smooth it out and weigh down my poofiness. It takes me an entire day to straighten my natural hair -- not fun. I took the chance and got the treatment done and I can't fully explain the extend of the transformation. I was 100% frizz free over night, and suddenly my hair went from taking 12 hours to dry to drying in 30 minutes or less, without frizz. I was left with mostly straight hair, but could curl it all in about 10 minutes no problem if I wanted - nice smooth, large curls that my natural hair would never do. The effects lasted about a year on my hair. 10/10 would absolutely recommend. The only reason I no longer do it is because the stylist who did such a wondrous job retired, and I was reticent to spend so much money on redoing it with a new stylist - my hair is very thick and long and it took about 8 hours for her to do it all properly-- naturally that meant it was quite expensive!!

    As an aside, I still swear by the Keratin Complex shampoo/condish/deep conditioners, and use their styling cream when I'm straightening my hair. It's the only line I've ever found that reduced the poof. It also leaves my hair super soft and smells fantastic.

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