Help! How To get my curls back!

Hello Fellow Curlies!
I have 2c-3a/3b hair with what I believe is low porosity, My hair's length is a little above my shoulders and Ive been doing the CG method for only two week now.
Last summer I (stupidly) bleached my hair blonde. When I had enough with the blonde at the end of the summer, I dyed it back to my natural brunette, and I haven't gotten my hair bleached in almost a year. I also got 4 or so inches of my hair cut off back in April.
However, when my the top canopy layer of my hair dries, it lays 2a, maybe almost flat, wile the rest of my hair has my 2c-3a/b curls. While I can get the curl so appear with products and diffusing my hair dry, its gone and laying flat again within an hour.
I need help! Ive been wearing my hair naturally and I look so ridiculous! Im afraid there is still damaged hair from the bleaching! Or is it possible that I lost my curl on my top layer forever?
Thanks Friends!


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    It's natural for the canopy to be damaged from the environment because it's exposed to everything. You need to treat it with TLC. For my hair, the answer to everything is protein. My hair never met a protein it didn't like. I do a PT every week and use a lot of products with protein.

    You could also need moisture. Something you may want to try is doing a PT followed by a DT. It covers most of the bases, so to speak.
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