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I just ran out of my Naturally Silk Elements RO, and am in the market for a new one. I'm broke, so something in the $7 range that's available at Walmart or Sally's is preferable. I also want to experiment with protein, where should I start with that? I've been layering Cantu natural hair cream and Garnier Pure Clean gel, but I feel like I need more hold. It's possible I may just be using too little product...

Also! I'm considering getting my hair cut into a lob, above shoulder length. Thoughts? I'd also love any recommendations for a stylist in Virginia...preferably not too expensive, but I'd be willing to splurge for a really good haircut.


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    You have really pretty curls!

    Do you know what your hair properties are? How does your hair handle heavy vs light products?

    If you want to try some protein, you could either get a RO with protein or do a PT. At Sally's, you can get Ion Effective Care Treatments single use packets for $1. This might be a good place to start.

    For a new RO, a lot of people like GVP Conditioning Balm at Sally's. You could also try Aussie Moist or Tresemme Perfectly Undone. I am not sure if Walmart near you carries Giovanni products; if they do, I like the 2chic Avocado and Olive Oil conditioner or the ecochic Smooth as Silk.

    For gel, I really like Aussie Instant Freeze. Also, a lot of people seem to like LA Looks Extreme Sport gel. Both of those are stronger hold.

    Best of luck! Let us know what you try and your experience.
  • corinniePopcorinniePop Posts: 138Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    The whole properties thing is still kind of confusing for me. I think I have normal porosity and low/medium density.
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    I second Aussie Instant Freeze, that's all I used when I was on a very tight budget. Make sure also that your hair is super wet when you put it in, not too dry already. Did you do the water test for porosity? If it floats, it's low, if it sinks, it's high. Just take a few strands of hair and try it. I'm low, and had no idea for the longest time.

    Shea Moisture may be slightly out of your range (only around $10 at Sally) but I love the Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine conditioner as my RO and I love it.
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