How well do natural products clean hair

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Thought this article from the Natural Haven would be of interest: THE NATURAL HAVEN: Hair Science: How well do mild cleansers really clean hair?
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    Would like to see the differences in types of shampoos with different types of cleansers. Sulfate vs nonsulfate etc... because it says her shampoo was baby shampoo.

    Also I thought the point of CG was to not strip the natural oils? Are these oils that were added to the hair or natural oils?
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    When it comes to gathering as much information about a particular hair technique, condition, or otherwise, I do try to look up as much research about such as I can, in order to gain information from a wide variety of sources and compare such.

    The Natural Haven does offer quite a variety of aricles pertaining to hair, which is totally fine. Yes, I do find the information put out there on her blog to be quite interesting to read indeed. However, there does consist of information provided on this blog site, that is open to question.

    The female who runs the blog site has a BSc and PHD in Material Science. She does not have a PHD in Dermatology or a PHD in Trichology. Plus, she's also not able to provide individual, personalized hair advice, because she admits herself on the site that she don't by any means consider herself an expert at its care. And, she further goes on to state she also thinks that in order to get proper advice (in regards to needing individual hair advice) that the person's hair should be seen and touched. As, the best advice she can give is for one to be gentle with curly hair and hair conditioner is your friend.
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    I do not use conditioner on my hair on a weekly basis. And, my hair is A ok with that!

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