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I have 4C type hair, Its so kinky its ridiculous. Is curl activator ok to use to loosen my curl pattern.


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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with having 4c, naturally textured hair. I see beauty in all hairtypes. And, I can definitely tell you, that acceptance is very key when it comes to wearing ones hair in its naturally textured state.

    There is no hair styling gel (and that includes curl activator gels) hair styling creams or lotions that can dramatically change up your natural curl pattern. Hair styling gels and hair styling creams or lotions are designed to perform on an esthetic level only. They cannot dramatically change, what God has naturally blessed you with.

    If your hair is in need of a highly moisturizing, curl defining gel, then the use of a curl activator gel would be a good choice. However, curl activator gels cannot in any way do what either a relaxer or texturizer can do for the hair. They are not formulated at all to do so.

    Type 4c hair can be properly managed, just like any other hairtype. It just takes finding the right products that work best for your individual hair needs is all.
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    I only wear my hair in wash n gos or buns. Also,
    I do not use conditioner on my hair on a weekly basis. And, my hair is A ok with that!
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    if your 4C is tough to manage try softening it by moisture treatments and i would suggest a little heat to help out, like blowdrying to stretch it. Be careful with it. 4C hair can sometimes be dry and thick (which is good thing).

    Try moisture treatments that are nice and rich(fatty acids) and if you choose to blow dry, don't play games. Pay the money and get a professional blow dryer. FHI EPS is awesome.
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    Curl activator is not going to loosen your curl pattern. I used to use the gel form as a moisturizer and styler. It is high in glycerin. I'm not sure what you mean by manage. Is your hair dry?Are you having detangling problems?
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    I agree with the other. but Elasta QP feels like silk is an amazing curl activator gel. i suggested it for a friend who's son is half African and his hair LOVES it

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