Anyone in need of venting? I am!

I'll start first, don't you hate when this happens? So, I have curly hair, if you're into hair typing, my hair is 3c with 3b in the crown. I'm in a number of natural hair groups on fb and on hair forums on other sites. I've left two of those groups on fb so far. People have been negative towards me because of my hair texture, could you believe that!? Hair texture! It's only hair!

If I post a pic of my hair or a style I did (like everyone else in the group does) women will comment a lot of mean, negative things under my pic. The only support I get in the group are from women with hair texture like mine. If you want any advice and you have curly hair, do not state your hair type if you're a type 2 or type 3 because you will only get a few responses and they will be from women with hair like yours. I wish the women with kinky hair would give advice too and share the knowledge. We're suppose to help each other, hair texture shouldn't matter.

If I comment with advice under a post from someone asking for help I'm ignored, I feel like they look at my profile pic and just assume I don't have to go through what they go through because of my hair texture. I have struggles too and great advice to give. I feel they take your advice but won't reply thanks or "that's a good idea, I'll try that". I've noticed it's the same thing with other curly girls in the group, they will ignore them as well. Hair typing can be beneficial when selecting products, I've noticed a lot of brands use the typing chart on their sites for selecting products and which will be best for type 4b hair, type 2c hair etc... The owner of one of those groups banned all thing hair typing. If a product says best for type 4 hair and I'm telling another member about said product, the admin will delete the post right then because No numbers and/or letters should ever be mentioned. If she and the admins aren't around and the post stays, I'll be ignored anyway. They'll probably take my advice but never respond.

I feel as tho other members stroll past posts about loosely curled hair on purpose. I have never been rude or disrespectful to anyone in those groups or post anything disrespectful or mean-spirited. Not all of the groups I'm in is like this, there's one that's totally receptive to all textures and everyone in the group is very friendly. I'll be sticking to that group.

I don't feel as if God made me anymore special that anyone else. I'm not better than the next person, screw hair texture, skin tone/color, whatever!

In those groups I've been told:

"Idk why y'all type 3 girls in this group anyway, y'all don't got no problem with y'all hair."

"You doing a braid out isn't anything special because your hair is naturally curly. Leave it to us with the kinky hair, let us have something! Let us have the awes and ahhs when we post pics of braidouts and how our hair texture can transform and we can do all styles."

"Hmm, so you managed to do a complexed up-do, you want a medal?? It was easy for you anyway cause you got curly hair and it probably doesn't get knotty."

"Trick please, you got silky so you can't help me. Your advice is like water in a brown paper bag to me. Bye Felicia!"

"Your pics are boring me, wash n gos aren't anything special. Any curly haired girl can do a wash n go. What, you happy you got curly hair so you can walk around like queen of the world." I'm like... "Huh? You don't know me in my everyday life to know how I walk around and I'm a very humble person."

The reason why I left two of those groups so far is because it was the owner of the group who had posted something extremely disrespectful under my pic (which I haven't stated above and will not state because of it's tastelessness).

I left the second group (and many others left it as well, this group is really famous for doing things like this as well) because the admins were bullying me and a number of other members. They saved my pics which I had posted in the group and wrote disrespectful things on them, all hair related.

I know this sounds weird but I feel like I was discriminated against because of my hair, sounds ridiculous doesn't it?

Please share anything that you need to vent about, it doesn't have to be about hair.


  • BotticelliBritBotticelliBrit Posts: 2,075Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Negative people lead negative lives. Leave them to their immaturity and hateful attitudes and just concentrate on the people that do give you positive responses and support.

    Some people have a chip on their shoulder and feel like the only way to relieve it is to act out and put others down.

    Ignore 'em. They're clearly not intelligent enough to process kindness.
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  • Maggie86Maggie86 Posts: 83Registered Users
    I dont get it! We are supposed to help each other...anyways, here everyone s very nice And always helpful, I hope u can find the answers you need in here :)
  • DCWavyLadyDCWavyLady Posts: 373Registered Users
    I think I'm missing something. Sounds like it's time to leave those groups. is where it's at!:)
  • Curly_CakesCurly_Cakes Posts: 59Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Unfortunately it seems a very common way for people to build themselves up is to tear down others. Some sites just seem to breed ignorance and hatred for anyone that is not the same as them.
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  • demgoodjewels94demgoodjewels94 Posts: 2Registered Users
    Everyone please beware of the group Kinky, curly, coily: natural hair health and love! The owner is Soyini Denise and she will try to break down your self esteem while spewing hate.

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