What do people use when protein sources are restricted to them?

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I imagine that the keratin/collagen sources come from beef, pork, and sheep sources. But is there a source of protein to use in treatments that's appropriate for Hebrews, Muslims. and vegetarians?

Thank you.


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    Lots of folks use the gelatin protein treatments:
    Science-y Hair Blog: Gelatin Protein Treatment Recipe Update

    I know vegetarian gelatin is available, but I'm not sure how much protein it contains.
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    Unless they have very recently changed the formula, ION Effective care conditioner treatment from Sally's has hydrolyzed vegetable protein in it - this is my favorite rinse out conditioner. I am finding that if I am using proteins in most of my regular products, I don't need to resort to a dedicated protein treatment. My hair will eat protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner LOL

    Right now Sally's website lists hydrolyzed keratin as being in the ION, but the bottle I picked up in the last couple of months lists the hydrolyzed vegetable protein. So be sure to check the label if you're in the market for it.

    I think my lo-poos have wheat and/or soy proteins in them, so there are certainly some alternatives out there for you to experiment with.

    Here is a (partial) list of some products that may or may not contain protein and you can see at a glance which ones have more vegetarian proteins. But always be sure to read the bottle labels carefully before you buy!
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    Curly Hair Solutions uses silk protein in their conditioners.
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    I personally find that hydrolized wheat protein works the best on my hair...i use it daily as a spray in...Hugo naturals (can purchase at whole foods) also makes a great styling gel I love that has wheat and quinoa protien...these are totally natural and vegetarian!!!!
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