Weird curly hair? :(

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Heyyyy :) So my hair type isn't really in a category lol. I'm mixed and my mom has wavy manageable hair and my dads hair was nappy afro. So I have pretty curly shoulder length hair. I did get a relaxer or texturizer once or twice on my hair when was little. The back of my hair does not curl up and the sides and I'm worried that either those treatments caused that or I may just have different textures on my hair. Some parts curl up nice especially the sides of my hair up under my bangs and especially the hair up under everything else. I'm not sure if this is how my hair naturally is or not but is their any way to get pretty defined curls all over my hair? I just curls? I just want my hair to be defined but it's so hard. I do deep conditioner treatments on my hair as well and also put oil on it. I would really like for my hair to grow but I feel like it's too weird to grow or it's too thick and not defined at the back for it to gets defined. Someone please help :(


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    What kind of products are you using? And how often?

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    Just at BSL (when stretched) goal is HL, 3a/b, medium thickness, medium porosity
    CG since March 2013
    Conditoner/Detangle: V05 Moisture Milk (Passion Fruit Smoothie), Aussie Moist
    Clarify: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo
    Styling: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Curl Milk, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
    Vitamins: One Daily and GNC Ultra NourishHair
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    To keep up wavy hairs, it is little hard to maintain . You have to take extra care of it than normal straight hairs. First, to make your hairs smooth, you ought to take at least 5 hairs spa settings. The other important thing is of continuous oiling to the hairs and use of proper light shampoo and conditioner . Moreover, the hair and scalp should be protected from UV rays of sunlight . Sun hats, scarf is the best alternative for it.My hairs are additionally wavy, I need to take extra care of it and generally prefer to wear my red lippy hat when out in daylight.
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    Bentonite clay rinses do help many natural with looser curls avhievebetter definition. I say looser curls, because it did very little mine or my friends' type 4c hair!

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