Switching to natural skincare

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Hi there,

i will start by saying that while I do take care of my hair, I have been really bad about establishing any skin routine.

I have just started using glycerin on half my body and coconut oil on the other half ;-) to find out what works better for me :)

Now I'm looking for a body soap that won't be stripping, I guess if I don't put sulfates on my hair why put them on my body...

And face. face will be my biggest challenge. I wear make up 5 days a week, so would like recommendations for gentle cleansing and moisturizing, perhaps even something containing natural SPF...

My skin seems to be a little sensitive, and whenever I go to a salon, they say it's dry, which is why it gets oily in my T-section (confusing!). I have some reddish scars where bigger spots never broke out and a ton of blackheads on my chin. i bought blackhead eliminating daily scrub from Neutrogena to use about twice a week and my chin started breaking out.

Any advice would be appreciated, I am 29 and want to start taking care of my face before it's too late!


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    Last night I tried a natural at home face mask and I loved it! My face is starting to break out mostly around my chin (not surprising considering I'm a smoker) and drugstore brands for acne are too drying for me to use during winter. I mixed tumeric powder, honey, milk, and a bit of coconut oil with a few drops of tree tea oil to make a thick liquid paste. I steamed my face for 5 min and then applied the mask, rubbing it into the skin in circular motions and left it on for about 30min. Then rinsed with warm water. The tumeric stained my finger nails temporarily but not my face and I saw a major difference, my skin looks brighter with no more redness and the pimples are almost gone! I use doctor bronners body wash (I think it's all natural?)
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    Keep your facial skin care routine REALLY simple. A few years back, when I was still clueless, I destroyed my skin experimenting with a lot "natural" stuff. Instead of just oily, now it's also dry and really sensitive.

    I also struggled with post-breakout hyper pigmentation. What truly works for me is alternating Finacea/Skinoren and Retin-A 0.025% Cream at night, taking breaks whenever my skin needs. I've never managed to go straight 6-nights using exfoliants.

    On off nights and to moisturize, I use LRP Toleriane, sometimes mixed with water or micellar water. I'll run out of it soon and will just use Vaseline in the same manner.

    I wear sunscreen in the morning, if I feel my skin can take it. I use Bioderma, since so far it's the only one my skin doesn't react as badly to. Even so, if I get a lot of sun exposure, my face would feel stinging and hurt badly and I break out in hives.

    To cleanse my face at night, I use plain oil to massage my face and melt sunscreen, makeup and whatnot. Sunflower works best, but I've been trying to use Science-y Hair blog's hair oil blend and it's alright thus far.
    I emulsify it with super gentle wash and wipe it down with damp warm washcloth twice and splash some tepid water.

    When I get zits, I apply benzoyl peroxide 2.5% lightly and they usually disappear overnight or two.

    A good antioxidant serum is also recommended and I've always loved it. But, my skin doesn't urgently need one right now, so I'll get another when I'm feeling a bit less frugal.

    That's all I do. No frill, nothing. And my skin has been the best in years.
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    I am using a natural Japanese silk facial treatment mask with Vitamin C and Argan oil. I got these mask at Essenzza Health at it works well on my skin. It leaves my skin smooth, soft, brighter and glowing. Vitamin C helps to lighten the skin while Argan oil moisturized the skin.

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