Braiding my hair to dry during the day takes forever! Help!

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Hi there. I'm new here, so let me know if this is in the wrong place or something!

I have 2C hair that I'm finally getting sort of under control! I cowash, gently dry my hair with a t-shirt, and apply Moroccan Oil before putting it in a braid to dry. I like the outcome of this method, as it makes my curls less voluminous and more wavy, which I prefer. My hair is fairly long (it's about 2/3 down my back) and extremely thick, which is why I like it wavy because it's less overwhelming.

The only problem is that it takes FOREVER to dry! I find that leaving it in until about 1-2PM gives the best results. I put it in a braid, loosen it up, and when it starts to get a little frizzy I take it out, brush out my hair with my fingers, and put it back in a braid. I was thinking about trying this method while I sleep to save some drying time, but I'm a rough sleeper and I'm 100% sure the braid would fall out. The other thing is that my hair is incredibly malleable. If I bend or twist the braid while sleeping it's going to come out wonky. Any suggestions for sleeping with a braid? It becomes very soft when I wrap it up, like in a scarf or a t-shirt. So I was wondering maybe I could wrap it somehow?

Thanks for reading! :reindeer:


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    You could just sleep with a scarf on
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    A friend of mine who has very, very thick straight hair used to braid it after she washed her hair too. She complained that it took several days to dry. If I put my thick hair up at all while it's wet, it will still be wet when I take it down. I think the only thing you could do to dry your braid more quickly would be to use a hair dryer on the braid. Perhaps put your braid up and use the "bonnet" attachment some dryers have?
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    My hair takes forever to dry too, when I braid it I usually wait until it is damp rather than wet and it still works for me. Or I use a hair dryer
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