whack twist outs

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I really don't know why I can't get a great twist out. My hair is maybe 3 inches long.... Ugh I make my own products (gels, hair creams, and stuff) lol And I still don't know what my hair type is lol that may be the solution to my problem... Help me out Sista's!


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    My twist outs are also horrible. A lot of the more seasoned members seem have good technique. They usually emphasize the differences between twisting wet hair and dry hair, how you go about twisting your hair (away from your face or towards it), and other things like that. I guess I'm bumping this thread since I'm not particularly knowledgeable in this case. Anyone got any tips for the OP?
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    Could be you haven't found the technique that works for your hair. I have been trying bantu knot outs for years with complete failure. Then I saw a new way Minimarley was doing hers because she had problems with traditional way and whala!

    I think the question of wet or dry twistout depends the look you're going for and on your hair porosity. A lot of people blowout their hair before twistouts I every now and then do rollerset then a twistout which gives my hair a fuller looser curl look. I typically do my twistouts on freshly washed damp hair. I use leave in moisturizer oil, and maybe a styler depending if I want hold. I can't braid the roots like some people do because I'm low porosity and my hair doesn't dry well in braid. I can't do chunky because my hold won't hold them. I do medium size twists and I may or may not use clips at the roots to keep them from loosening at the roots. I finger twirl the ends. Maybe put my twists on rollers for added stretch. Done on wet hair, my twistout looks like a wash and go. I like to sit under the hooded dryer at least 20 minutes or my hair will NOT be dry in the morning. I don't always retwist. Sometimes I put my hair in low bun. Pineapple doesn't work for me. Makes my hair wonky. And I don't like how retwisted hair looks for me so generally if I do anything I braid my second or third day hair.
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    I think twist outs same as wash and gos are not for everyone. Depending on your hair texture, it may not like these styles. Also just because you are not getting the look you see in the youtube videos doesn't mean it wasn't a success. Tip: twist and leave twist in for at least 3 days...this is what a lot of natural hair gurus are not saying in the videos. Everyone's hair is different and that's the beauty of it! In addition, if your hair is really short the twist outs tend too look unfinished. As your hair grows it will look a lot better. Tip #2: Try protective styling until you retain more length. Even a few inches will make a difference in the appearance of your styles, at least in my experience it has. Love you hair ladies because it is a gift from God. Just go with it.

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    I feel you on this, but the only method that gives me the best results are Bantu knots.

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