Causes and fixes for strand loss AND breakage

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My hair has been rather lifeless and soft lately (past few months). During this same time, I've had increasing hair loss (up to 12 strands in the course of one finger-brushing session) and now hair breakage. My hair's becoming quite frizzy. :(

It sounds like my hair is over moisturized based on the softness/limpness, but when I do a strand test (hold one end of a shed hair and pull the other, seeing if the strand bounces back into its curl), it rebounds perfectly.

I did go on a random product binge for about a month (using samples up), but the hair loss had already started before that (not the breakage though). I was rotating DevaCurl, Recoil, Natures Gate, and various curly hair products. I don't know if this would be related?

My normal conditioner/ shampoo for the past year and a half has been Nature's Gate Tea Tree Shampoo and Herbal Daily Conditioner. I have no reason to think these are part of the problem, because they haven't been in the past year.

I also considered that it might not have enough protein, but that seems odd since the Herbal Daily Conditioner has what I think is plenty of protein.

Overall, no diet changes, and I don't often pull my hair back or use heat. I do twist it up and put it in a bun on top of my head sometimes. My nails are healthier than they've ever been (might be relevant).

Any ideas? I bought some Spiral Solutions Protein Treatment to try. I just want healthy hair back. Would a biotin supplement help?


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    Do you allow the protein conditioner to sit for awhile or use it as a leave-in? If not you still may need the "boost" of protein from the treatment. This may be especially true if you have fine textured hair.

    If it's been a really long time since you trimmed your ends it may help to get them trimmed. I was having problems with shedding and took about a half inch off in the worst shedding areas. It did wonders, and my hair is curling better.

    Lastly, it may be time to clarify, maybe? I'm not familiar with others but my hair gets stiffish sometimes which results in more hair coming out during detangling, looks frizzy, and it doesn't curl as well.

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    You might be on to something with the advice to leave the conditioner in. I tried it and my curls definitely looked more defined. Still concerned about the loss/breakage, though. :/
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    Sounds like really bad situation you're having!! Losing hair like the way you're losing is not good. I think you should consume vitamin supplement. Lacking of nutrition causes such hair loss and breakage, although we don't realize whether we're having nutrition problem or not. I'm having Ecovit 400 supplement, and so far result is quite positive.
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    Hello everyone,
    I am 29 years old female, I am a typical mediterreanen. My hair is wavy very frizzy and unfortunately ı am not blessed with thick hair. For almost 15 years I am straigtening, otherwise my hair looks like a total mess. I am getting married soon and really I am tired because of my hair and I am really dpressed. Whatever I do, I have split ends and my hair does not grow up!!!
    For 4 months what I do;
    -I do keratin treatment despite I know aout formaldehye issue, but it works fine with my hair.
    - Oil treatment in a weak I mix some oil and apply it thruouh my scalp wait about two hours with a plastic cap.
    - Protein mask in two weeks, I am not sure if I am doing it correctly and efficently.
    -I use sulfate free shampoo, and I wash my hair every next day.
    - I am not good at trimming my hair frequently.
    -I use hair extensions in order to camuflage missing parts.

    Please help me what I am doing wrong for 4 months?

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