ISO Living Proof products

CurlXTCeeCurlXTCee Posts: 379Registered Users
Specifically the Instant Texture Mist 5 oz. bottle.

Also potentially interested in other items.


  • CurlXTCeeCurlXTCee Posts: 379Registered Users

    Help! My bottle is almost empty and $26 is ridiculous! My hair loves this stuff!
  • secret_karmasecret_karma Posts: 438Registered Users
    I have the Living Proof No Frizz Style Cream if you're interested.
  • CurlXTCeeCurlXTCee Posts: 379Registered Users
    Thanks! Let me read up on it, and I'll get back to you. Frizz isn't really a problem, quite the opposite, actually.
  • CurlXTCeeCurlXTCee Posts: 379Registered Users
    After reading about it on the LP site, I'd have to try a sample of this before committing to buying. I don't have a problem with frizz, so I'm not sure it would be a prudent purchase. I was hoping for a deep discount on a rinse out conditioner or one of the hairsprays, and I really like the friction my hair gets from the texture mist. This line is so pricey. I guess Jennifer has to maintain her lifestyle. Thanks, secret_karma, I hope you find a taker.
  • secret_karmasecret_karma Posts: 438Registered Users
    Ok thanks. You're lucky you don't have to deal with frizz :)

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