Fine hair - HELP.

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I have very fine, colour damaged hair. I've been using protein for the first time the last few weeks and oh my gosh, it makes a huge difference. I have more curl structure, it is generally softer, and less frizzy but it still a bit dry. I'm pretty sure I have high porosity. I think I need something to help my hair hold onto moisture. So here are my questions:

What is a good pre-poo? I've been using coconut butter, and I tried olive oil but I don't think either work that well.

What is a good leave in butter for fine hair? I use a leave in conditioner, leave in protein, oil (if I used to much it looks AWFUL - stringy, weighed down, ugghhh super greasy), FSG and KCCC. I think I need to replace the oil with a butter.
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    When you do a pre-poo with oil put it on the night before you wash your hair. You want it on your hair at least 12 hours so some of the oil's molecules penetrate the hair shaft.

    Coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil and avocado oil should work. Almond oil also works but you would need to leave it on longer.

    A butter's molecules would be too big to penetrate the hair shaft so won't work as a pre-poo.

    In regards to leave-ins you can just use a rinse out conditioner if a normal leave-in is too heavy. Alternatively a detangler like kinky curly is also lighter. What ever you choose you need to use the smallest amounts.

    There is no requirement to use a butter or oil as part of your styling routine. I definitely don't use them.
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    I have fine hair too that gets weighed down by leave ins and oils. So in general I don't do sealing and leave ins and such (my skin is awfully picky to boot).

    I use the spritz and condish method (basically a prepoo with conditioner), especially in winter where we have really low dewpoints. It really helps me with dry hair.

    If I use any leave ins, it's the tiniest amount (less than pea size), spread well over my hands and squished into the ends of my hair from the bottom up to get rid of some water from my hair in the shower. Whatever is left over I skim over the rest of my hair and comb it through. I use a regular conditioner that isn't heavy on the humectants this time of year.
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    Using oil every night makes my hair too oily when I do a cowash. Plus I wash my hair at night then put it in a pineapple overnight, because it gets to be about -20's here in the winter and I don't have time to wash & dry in the morning.
    Fine, 2c-3a, high porosity, high density, bleached ends.

    Hair hates glycerin

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