Help. Not sure what this is.

CurlySista21CurlySista21 Registered Users Posts: 87
Type 4, Type 3? Help. This isnt my first go round with natural hair. 3rd big chop. Just now caring to ask what my hair type is. Any thoughts?
My hair is fine, some coarseness in the back, but still the same lazy S shape throughout. Photos show my hair as it is right now. Completely dry. KCCC and Knot Today used yesterday. Ideas?
Naturally me and Relaxer free!


  • coracora Registered Users Posts: 456
    You look like a 3c to me.
  • smeyliesmeylie Registered Users Posts: 9
  • sammydeesammydee Registered Users Posts: 3
    Looks like 3c to me.
  • CurlXTCeeCurlXTCee Registered Users Posts: 379
    Agree with 3c. Very pretty!

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