Thoughts on Carol's Daughter

Just_JanetJust_Janet Posts: 1Registered Users Curl Neophyte
Do any 2's have any thoughts on Carol's Daughter? I got sucked into the presentation on HSN over the weekend and ended up buying Monoi shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.


  • LoveliamLoveliam Posts: 318Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I think lots of people here do use her stuff. I think I have only ever tried one or two samples.
    Leigh :)
    3a mixed with 2C???
    Fine Texture
    Normal to low Porosity
    Low Elasticity

    Mop Top Low Poo or Deva low poo
    Deva One Condition
    Deva B'leave-in for higher dews (Deva Foam for low dews).
    Deva Firm Hold Gel
    HG: Sweet Curls Crazy Curly Hard Hold Elixir after applying Deva and for 2nd/third day.
  • geekrockgirl85geekrockgirl85 Posts: 170Registered Users
    I looked at a few of their styling smoothies at Target. It all smelled decent, but was more than my newbie self wanted to pay for products, and every one I examined up close seemed CG incompatible, so no good for me. :/

    Looking at the set you picked up, though, the shampoo and conditioner seem like they might be nice. Those two *are* CG, but the mask is not... boo. Anyway, I'd love to hear what you think about all three after some use!
    2c. present color& past heat damage, fine, low-density, high porosity, happy with some protein. re-CG as of 5/2014. Wash:V05 PFS or KLS, RO: (trying to use up my stash; so it's always different!), LI: Cure Care, DT: SM Smooth & Repair Hair Masque, Style: Ecostyler Olive Oil / La Bella Lots of Curls gel
  • freshmintcurlsfreshmintcurls Posts: 21Registered Users
    I bought some about a week ago before I got a cut. It was feeling a bit parched so I meant to bring out some bigger guns. Apparently my hair was more than "a little" parched, because it pretty much eats as much as I feel like putting in there. No weigh-down, if that's what you're asking. So, at the moment I'm putting in CD's hair milk and then a metric ton of Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft curls. Looks good.

    My opinion on such things is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." So I'll probably stick to this until I run out.

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