What am I doing wrong?!

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Hello everyone (I am 3B from what the quiz tells me)

So I am new to the curly hairstyle/lifestyle. I didnt used to care what I put into my hair but now I am dedicated to it so I want to get it right.

I am tiring to get shiny, healthy-looking, defined curls. Here are my current products and the way I wash my hair:

Shampoo: Devacare No-Poo Cleanser
Conditioner: Devacare one hair conditioner

Then I wrap hair in a t-shirt to semi dry. I proceed with Its a 10 Keratin leave in treatment (comments on this? not sure how I feel about it). I also used Deva Curl Set it Free (please tell me if this works. I do not know if I am using it right but I do not see a difference in my hair)

For mousse I use Tresemme Climate Protection Mousse (so far I do not get the curls I want with this. Used it once and do not like)

Gel: Tresemme Extra-Firm Control Gel

Any advice would be great thanks! I am open for suggestions. I lived in Miami, FL BTW so it gets hot here but its not humid.


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    1. Go here Texture Typing 101 and read up on texture typing. Try and work out everything on that page Yes it is a lot but people can give you more informed advice just saying your curl pattern is 3B isn't enough.

    2. Once you have worked out your full hair properties and told us them as best you can, its worth reading up on the Curly Girl method. I suggest The Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey which you can get from Amazon to give you the full understanding though there are threads on this site.

    The reason to find your full hair properties is if you have 3B thick hair it needs to be treated differently from 3B fine hair. If your hair is dyed so it's high porosity, it needs to be treated differently from low porosity etc.
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    Thanks for your help. So many rules for hair! LOL

    I do have dyed hair so I guess it changes things.
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    What problem are you having, if any? Or are you just in need of some general tips?

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    Definitely figure out your properties. What problems are you having? The other thing you want to check is dewpoint--it's not the humidity, it's the dewpoint. You can find that in your local weather report. Here's a link that explains about dewpoint: Summer Curls- Understanding Dew Points | Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Styles and Natural Hair Care
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    Also the keratin treatment? what is that? I know with keratin you do have to be a little careful with that because its still damaging to the hair if not used properly and it also loosens curl pattern.. idk if it might make your curls less bouncy?

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