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I'm going to try my first ACV rinse tonight, but I'm confused about the logistics of it. Since I'm using it as a clarifying/cleansing thing for my over-conditioned hair, what is the order I should put it on my hair in? Shampoo then ACV then conditioner? Or no conditioner at all?

I also have color-treated, past shoulder-length hair, is two cups water to two tablespoons of ACV too much? How long should I leave the ACV on for?

And the article on this site ( says that to "rescue over-conditioned hair" I should ACV rinse and then do a PT later. I was planning on doing the PT tomorrow, or is that too soon?

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    If you've used shampoo I don't see the need for an ACV rinse, unless your shampoo is a "conditioning" one. The ACV should be a clarifying rinse for those of us who do not use shampoo, but if you want to try, the amount you mentioned is too much One tbsp. in one cup should be enough unless you have really long and abundant hair, for short hair I'd use 1 tsp. only. The "trick" is to distribute it well through all of your hair and give it a gentle "scrub", then not rinse it out right away,;you can wash your body while you give it a few minutes to work.

    Since you're going to use CO, how about trying a "Lemon Aid" instead?

    Doing the PT the next day is not too soon. But when hair has been OC, I'd be more inclined to use something simple that you can leave in like the neutral protein "filler" sold at Sally's which you can put directly on your hair, or diluted in equal parts (like an ounce each) of distilled water in a small spray bottle; I would also add 1/8-1/4 tsp. of Epsom Salt to enhance curling. BUT in case you ever try this and really like it, I should caution you that overusing E.S. can dry up the hair, so it should only be an occasional thing.
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