Are twist outs protective styles?

I'm thinking about wearing them instead of my usual twists because I like the way it looks better. I don't plan on retwisting it every night. Just once for the week and I moisturize my hair daily. Will it be ok for my hair or will wearing it out cause it to break?


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    Technically, protective styles are styles in which your ends are somehow protected, such as a bun. Stretched styles, such as twist-outs, bantu-knot-outs, and braid-outs are low-maintenance styles, not protective styles.

    Some people have hair that breaks so easily that in order to retain length, they have to consistently wear protective styles. I personally find that wearing my hair stretched works best for me. I do around 15 bantu knots on my head, take them down the next day, and simply put my hair up in a pineapple at night. In the morning I take my hair out of the scrunchie, shake it, and go. It lasts for a week. Usually I wear my hair in a bun for the last day or two at the end of the week.

    I used to always wear my hair in twist-outs (in which case I did around 30 twists). The routine was the same as my current one with the bantu knots, pineapple at night, shake down in the morning, last for a week. That was back when my hair was all one curl pattern, though, 4b. Now that my hair has multiple curl patterns, bantu knots work best at blending them so my curls are uniform.

    Stretched styles work best for me because of how low-maintenance they are. With protective styles, I have to redo them every day. They are higher maintenance for me and results in way more breakage. Because the only thing I do with my stretched hair is put it into a high ponytail at night, it is extremely low-maintenance and results in way less breakage. So basically, just see how your hair responds to wearing it in twist-outs. If you find that you had better length retention with protective styling, then you may need to go back to that.
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