Does anyone here use LUSH Products?

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LUSH is a store dedicated to making completely fresh handmade products. They also have a haircare line that I've been interested in but it is very pricey. I would definitely pay for it though if I knew that someone had success with it. Is anyone on here familiar with LUSH or possibly uses LUSH and can give a review about it?

I am new to this forum so I am transitioning, and I am trying to find the best products to start with. I still am not sure of what my hair type is, but I am assuming it is about a 3/b/c. It would really help hearing from someone who may have hair similar to this.

here is a link to refer to as well: Hair | LUSH


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    I was using Lush products right before I went CG:
    Trichomania bar shampoo, Retread conditioner, and R&B for styling.
    Just for reference, I have 2c/3a, low porosity hair.

    I was very excited to try their products because I had heard that they were all natural. Because I was told that the products were all natural, I didn't check the ingredients too closely. As it turns out, there is SLS in both the shampoo and conditioner. Both of those, used together or independently, left my hair feeling extremely stripped; it felt like straw. My hair had never felt so bad before, and it may sound silly, but I was nervous about the state of my hair. The R&B was nice, and definitely smoothed out the frizz, but I don't use it anymore because it has candelilla wax. R&B was not incredible enough for me to keep using it, especially since I'm only using CG friendly products now.

    Take with that information what you will. All hair is different, but for me, Lush was the wrong choice.

    Their face and body products, on the other hand, are fairly nice! However, even though all the products are hand made, I still feel that they are overpriced.
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    I find Lush products have a lot of fragence. So the soaps I've been given in the past I can't use as they cause me to itch and leave me with streaming eyes and nose even before I attempt to use them. So I've never used them.

    I also can't actually go into any of their stores or let alone walk by them without my eyes and nose itching followed by then watering. There as I have never had problems with the Body Shop, Whole Foods or other Health food stores that sell a lot of natural hair and body products.

    So while they claim their products are "natural" they cause allergic reactions in someone who doesn't get the same reactions from other natural products or stores. I have suffered from contact dermatitis in the past but it is rarely evoked now days.
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    Hair type is relatively unimportant because it's transient--depends on products/technique and weather conditions.

    Just checked the LUSH products. Ingredients look better then I remember, but many of them do have SLS, as commented in above post. Aside from that, they're really expensive. If you're willing to spend some money, there are a ton of great products out there that really are natural.

    Here's a link to help you with the basics--what ingredients to choose for your properties Curly Hair Basics | Live Curly Live Free
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    As a hair treat, I'll sometimes purchase the R&B Hair Moisturizer and use it on my ends, mostly.

    For me, hair type does not determine the products I purchase: porosity and texture are the primary determining factors. Second are humidity and dew points.
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    I love LUSH. It's a great brand, I think. It has been more than a couple of years now since I started using their products. As others have stated their shampoo bars are drying, some more than others. That is nothing compared to what the Curly Wurly shampoo will do. It is very stripping and the fragrance is much. (I'm not sure if it's excessive SLS or protein overload from the coconut that causes the dryness). So you'll get the clean but following up with conditioner is a must. My favorites are New and Soak n Float shampoo bars. I must warn you though that soak n float smells fouls but I have come to love it. It's their dandruff solution that has helped my dry scalp leaps and bounds. Then there is the R&B moisturiser. Hate it! It does nothing for me plus it's greasy (and not in a good way). I love their henna which I have been using (Caca Rouge) monthly or so as treatments for stronger hair. They have also got treatments like the Henna Fluff Ease which are worth trying. The Hair Doctor also seems to be a favorite amongst users. For conditioners I'd suggest the American Dream (the smell is sickly sweet though), Retread and Happy Happy Joy Joy which are decent for dry hair but not too heavy for normal hair.

    I purchase the shampoo bars the most together with some face and/or body products.

    I'm also keen to find out which LUSH products other curlies have found success in.

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