RIP Longhairdontcare2011

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I am posting this here since a lot of 4a/bs subbed to her channel

Longhairdontcare2011 passed away April 9th 2014 due to lupus complications.

I put this on the non-hair discussion as well.

Here are the details. They are also holding a fundraiser.

I am not a member of LHCF and am not active in the Youtube world, so if someone who is could repost/spread the word about the fundraiser that would be helpful. I think her subbies are not even aware of her passing.

I am truly in a horrible place emotionally. My great friend, which many of you know as Domin, lhdc2011, and longhairdontcare2011 (YouTube) passed away yesterday, April 9th, 2014 due to Lupus complications. She was 27.
I am working directly with her spouse to make these arrangements and I will be flying out to California this weekend. I have just finished setting up a fundraiser (link below) to help with funeral and cremation costs. Any help will be greatly appreciated even if it's forwarding this link to others.
I will update this thread as more information becomes available and appreciate your help.


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    This is terrible. Just can't believe this. I am so sad.... Someone needs to post this on You tube and Instagram
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    CSI wrote: »
    This is terrible. Just can't believe this. I am so sad.... Someone needs to post this on You tube and Instagram

    Oh my goodness. Just saw the news circulating on Twitter/Instagram. Loved her videos and her calm energy. :(
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    Oh wow. I'm shocked. I love that girl. We worked together in so many hair projects. I'm breeding right now. R.I.P lovely
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    So sad. R.I.P.
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    I didn't know her but I saw this and it makes me very sad. : (
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