To Be 3C or 4A

JamaicanCurlyTJamaicanCurlyT Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello Everyone,

I'm a bit confused about my Curly Hair Type. When washed, my hair falls like a 3C, but when dried it looks like a 4A. I'm at a loss to how to care for this type of hair. I think that because I do not know my hair curl type, I've been going against the natural curls and therefore losing my curl pattern. HELLLLPPPP!!!! :lol:


  • WaveliciousWavelicious Registered Users Posts: 73
    @JamaicanCurlyT would it be possible to post a pic of it dry?
  • BluebloodBlueblood Registered Users Posts: 1,748 Curl Neophyte
    What are your other hair properties?

    For example if you have a high density you should be treating it differently than if you had low density hair.
  • butter52butter52 Registered Users Posts: 292
    Hi there!

    Im just new here but i think the difference between 3c and 4a and all the possible inbetweens and mixups wont make any difference on your hair caire. Focus more on your hair properties and how it reacts to different chemicals, weather and manipulation.

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