help me create a 3b routine please!

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HI all, I have been transitioning for a year and only got my hair cut once 6 months ago. I still have the chemically damaged ends which are noticeable from my natural curls. my hair is very thick, people always tell me i have enough for 2 ppl and i think i have 3B curls. It is currently past my bra strap which for me is fine for me so when i get a hair cut i can just cut the damaged ends off and still have some length. based on the test i have high porosity, high density, and i think i may have coarse hair. I have yet to really make a routine, i have just been trying to finish up all the products i have because I'm a college student so i dont have alot of time or money to waste. unfortunately for me, I do not know anyone in my family who has my hair. My mom, grandma, sisters, all have beautiful fine, wavy hair with normal density. Please help me create a routine to control this wild frizzy mess that is always in updo's (i can never leave it loose)with products I can find at either sally's or target! I am even thinking of maybe even trying to do the baking soda with apple cider vinegar only wash, has anyone tried this? Thank you


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    I will post some terrible low quality pictures of my hair!
  • kassidykassidy Posts: 26Registered Users
    here they are
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    If you're looking for something affordable try suave naturals conditioner or even the vo5 they aren't that expensive. I use tressemme naturals that one is also good and affordable. As far as leave in you can either leave a little bit of the conditioner in your hair or try one that your hair likes I use cantu. I usually cantu curly cream as well after but I ran out so right now I'm using la bella gel works just as good. Good luck :)

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